It is felt by many that their brand of meditation
brings them peace, which becomes their intention.
Better to be at Peace before beginning your HPT
Better by far to relax with a pint or a cup of tea.
It’s possible to meditate on the way to your job
Not if you’re driving a car, but by bus, tram or train
Despite drone, chatter, clatter, and roar on the brain.
Just be careful not to be late, missing your stop
Or you’ll likely undo with a skip, jump and hop
To make it seem you are on time all the time
And Peace evaporates, missed the bells chime!
Where is Peace? I hear you ask. Well, it’s in you
If you take the trouble your own Peace to pursue.
Love, harmony and Peace are so close together
But can fly away swiftly, as light as a feather.
Happiness is the twin of Peace with Love its sister
And who would guess that Harmony is its brother.
It’s a family that exists in the consciousness
They come together as we approach Happiness.
Which manifests as the level we all wish to reach
Like lying on the sand on a calm and warm beach.
This attitude of mind is there all day and everyday
When you reach it you will know the Peace way!
© David Tenneson – 2016


About David

Devonian writer
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