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You will find the Benefits of HPT expressed in many ways in essays on Meditation.

Let’s look at the Value of Solution.
Many of us find on our life path that there are what we can only describe as insurmountable problems – which I call opportunities.
Mother Theresa said in prayer: ‘Lord I know you would not give me anything I cannot cope with. I just wish you would not trust me so much.’

Life gives us opportunities to prove that we can do it and to fulfil our purpose. Often it takes us a while to find the solution that enables us to take full advantage of the opportunities dropped in our path that may, to begin with, appear like mountains but on reflection, proper focus and concentration show us they are merely mole hills.

The opportunity of finding the solution is repeated again and again in life, and bringing all the attributes which our Highly Precious Time shows us, our natural abilities, talents and gifts which will enable us to find those solutions more easily and quicker than ever before.

In fact, as I have said, I keep the pencil and notebook handy during HPT because solutions will often actually present themselves as I come back to waking consciousness. Not only that, but I get poems and ideas for problem solving or projects to create. Why not try it?

How or why is that you may ask? Well, it is in times of single minded concentration, as in HPT, that we can link in with what some call the Akashic Record, which is usually referred to as the record of all of our lives on Earth, but that is really only a small facet of what is known in its totality as Universal Consciousness.

If you go in to HPT with a special subject for which you are seeking a solution, that takes every ounce of your concentration and focus, it is very likely that you will find the answer, maybe not the first time, but eventually out will come the solution. You know Einstein was no mathematician, a poor student and to begin with could not get a job teaching basic physics, but he was very good at concentration and finding solutions! From the Akasha?

Often solutions to life’s little opportunities are there in plain sight, but missed by us with our multi-track minds and lack of focus and concentration. However HPT comes like a Knight in shining armour bringing solutions into your waking vision.

My Yoga teacher would get us to concentrate on a lighted candle and then close our eyes to see if we could reproduce the image of the candle in our minds eye so to speak. This is a bit of a cheat because the image of the flame is so strong that it is held by the retina at the back of the eye for some time after closing your eyes!

However, we find it a most beneficial exercise to concentrate on a flower such as the rose for a few minutes, as explained under Focus, noticing all of its features. It is said that I have a very fine focus, unlike some who have multi track fields of vision, so if anything I need to broaden my view! How about you? Or do you concentrate on too much at once and need to close down a few boxes to narrow yours?

Seriously, do try this way of concentrating and see how it improves your view of all aspects of your life without wavering from the task at hand. You never know there could be another Einstein hiding in the corridors of your consciousness!

Hanukah & the Angel


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