Days of yore:
Before the advent of tinsel and Christmas trees
We gathered to celebrate the birth on our knees
Hands together in prayer and a simple repast,
Singing the psalms with love and joy in the past.
Watching the night sky to look for a bright star
Exchange of presents, to copy kings from afar.
The birth we remembered then was the same,
Just wondering when he would come again,
Missing him then as we miss him now.
What of the future, will the same be allowed?
In this month:
Many have practiced their praise of the birth
Amidst much repeating and hopefully mirth.
These songs of praise are part of our faith
In the light of this wonder, each year we bathe.
We’ll sing out our hearts in the coming days
As we wait for the moment to call up our praise.
There are special songs which we call carols
And in celebration we roll out the barrels.
Overeating and drinking is part of our lores
Decorated trees in homes, streets and stores
But has commerce o’ertaken the real reason
For celebration in this very special season?
As usual the fast buck, is the current trend
Which will overtake the true cause and bend
What some call an unbeatable symbol
Of our time, as profit becomes the marvel.
In the future:
Will a birth be forgotten if we leave this Planet
Will a decision be taken on the birth to ban it?
What songs will we sing then?
Will they always end in Amen?
Pop, Jazz or Reggae or a new kind of song
When those from other planets can sing along?
Who knows what the future will bring.
Will we look for a new saviour and sing
A new repertoire of rhythms and lyrics
With star dust as the light that mimics,
The light we pray for and the light we once knew
Will he be forgotten if we find someone new?
Or is it all down to us to sing our own song
Wherever we are or wherever we belong?
© David Tenneson – 2016


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Devonian writer
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