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You will find the Benefits of HPT expressed in many ways in essays on Meditation.

Let’s look at the Value of Focus.
Many folks have a very limited attention span that stems mainly from disinterest. I have often felt that many teachers miss the point and make their subjects so boring that many in the class end up looking out of the window or falling asleep. That’s apart from our brothers and sisters suffering from ADHD who need one to one or special help and attention, to encourage interest.

A guy in South America has introduced Rapping to bring his subject alive and the grades of his students have shot up! This is a good example of bringing sound and rhythm to provide interest and the focus of the students shot up too. Why? Because they became Interested!

Of course there are those cultures that instil the critical need to study and study hard to achieve the highest grades to go to college or university to get the highest paid jobs, but that can also produce offspring with psychological problems that end in disaster, or as in some cases a revolt where students decide they can only be happy studying at their own rate and opt out. Good for them say I!

The process of True Meditation begins with Concentration.
Concentrating on a particular subject such as a rose, to the point where you can reproduce the rose, petal by petal with its sepals and stem, its thorns and its perfume, totally in your mind. And this is just one of many such exercises that you will, of your own volition, engage in as time goes on and you begin to enjoy your Highly Precious Time concentrating on and visualising things that delight and interest you.

How does it benefit you? Well it teaches you how to focus, how to look at the minute facets of things. You may like roses, but maybe you’ve never looked at them this closely before, and you can carry out this same exercise with anything that interests you.

What’s more you will be able to view things much more acutely with a greater awareness of the true reality of anything and everything you see. You will become more efficient in your daily life noticing the finer points of everything and this of course will spill over into your working life too. It will be noticed!

Just imagine for a moment that you meet a very special man. He has a natural charisma, he holds you not only with the touch of his hand but by his gaze too. He gives you his full and undivided attention, he is focused on you and you alone such that you feel you can tell him anything, ask him anything and you know he will give you an honest answer filled with love. You feel good! Does that remind you of anyone?

When you meet people, communicate and share with them, can you give them this same focused attention? There is every possibility that when you enter the world of HPT each and every day you will be able to do just that.
Imagine the kind of relationship that this level of focused attention brings!

Enjoy with Hanukah & the Angel


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