We’re all used to the advantage
Of having a freezer and a fridge.
What if the food became frozen in time
By permafrost for the span of a lifetime?

We often carry thought, in the guise of belief
Frozen in the brain, just crying out for relief.
Unheard in wakefulness, so much on the mind
As if we accept all stories, stored in other’s kind.

We think it’s ours instead of other’s too brash
But it’s not ours, we need to take it to the trash.
Yet we carry all in our ignorant innocence,
Needing to dump it and free ourselves hence.

We tend to protect ourselves with bailey or moat
Walls so strong, water so deep, not worth a groat.
For the enquiring mind, to yourself be encouraged
And break down the wall and lower the drawbridge.

The journey begins with finding what’s what
Deciding within what’s cold and what’s hot
The cold, in it’s so secure permafrost coat
Needs to be thawed and set free to float.

Float on the ether through space to the stars.
There are no dungeons with strong iron bars,
Free yourself now, you know who you’re not
So search your mind, save beliefs that are hot!

If it means going back in time do it in physical
And just as easy in the mind, do it in the mental.
Knowing who you are is all that you need
All that you were and all you want to be.

Never mind the rest, just act for yourself
That’s all you need to do, to action self help.
It’s there for you every minute of every day,
It’s the stream of Well-being come what may.

Keep frozen in the freezer, not in you
You don’t need it, don’t make yourself blue
Keep the home fires burning, wicked or hot?
It makes no difference, long as you like the lot!
© David Tenneson – 2016


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to PERMAFROST

  1. Very clever poem David..
    “Never mind the rest, just act for yourself
    That’s all you need to do, to action self help.”,,,
    Could not agree with you more xxx


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