I’m sure you remember the old joke about the skunks:
A mother skunk had two children whom she name In and Out.
She always knew when In was out or Out was in ‘cos in-stinct!

Even today folks may say ‘I instinctively knew such and such would happen’, but I guess those same folks use the phrase through habit without knowing its true meaning, because in truth we left instinct behind many moons ago when animal man achieved the brain size in order to receive consciousness.

We can see instinct in action by studying the natural behaviour of animals. Not to say that we have not learnt, in man’s infancy, such a lot from those early recognitions of the way in which the alpha males and females learn to lead their family, pack or herd.

There is such a lot still for us to learn as we dig deeper into the levels of consciousness which soar above the instinct by which so many other species live their lives.

There is no doubt that we humans are unique, at least on this Planet, but even within our own bodies there are levels of conscious existence that govern the way in which we manage our mind and body.

Imagine that within the 60 trillion cells within our bodies there is a level of consciousness which is not independent like the workings of what goes on through the hardware of our brains, but responds to those vibrations initiated by every thought which we may have.

Each cell is cognisant of its function and operates to fulfil that function through what is best described as volition. Its world is bounded by the extent of similar cells all working in unison, similar to those pack animals all working together with a similar aim and following the leader or alpha male or female.

In our case of course the leader is the master consciousness which is the software operating through our brain to which we give various names such as Mind, Consciousness or Spirit as distinct from the Soul. The operation of this trio is across the boundaries of dimensions from waking conscious to sub-conscious activity which needs the aspect of sleep or human hibernation, varying in time from one to another, to facilitate the correspondence between the two.

This connection is important for, amongst other things, our sanity! We all know what lack of sleep does to us and sadly those who try to torture do too.

So back to the cells:
The volition of the cells responds to the master consciousness which implies that our every thought has an effect on our bodies from the fundamental level of thought or consciousness. If we imagine every discomfort as being indicative of something major and possibly life threatening you can see how this very negative impression could have the effect of causing the cells to change their function to accommodate a life threatening vibration in effect giving up their natural programmed function.

You will probably remember how the report of Prince Charles talking to his plants was front page news at the time, causing some to assume that he was nuts! We now know that the vibrations of thought, the tone of voice and the positive, gentle frequencies of music have a much more positive effect on pets, wild animals, and yes plants than aggressive behaviour and loud raucous vibrations which can only reflect the same responses in return.

So what about us?
Can you now see that far from being nuts the Crown Prince, bless him, was way before his time, or maybe he remembered something from the distant past? What do you think?
And as far as we are concerned sending positive gentle healing thoughts to areas of concern in our bodies is the best way to good health. In fact as I have said on many an occasion, at the risk of sounding nuts myself, ‘talking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom’.

You see by talking to those specific cells you are more pointedly directing your positive healing vibrations directly to the spot where a little TLC is needed.

So, for self healing this goes a long way to encouraging Well-being and when you might consult a registered healer to help a little more, you can explain your concern not as completely as you might wish in the apprehension of the moment and then be wonder struck as the healer’s hands move to other areas of concern. How did that happen?

Like it or not your own consciousness is alive and well and is constantly communicating across the dimensions and in this case in communicates with the consciousness of the healer directing her or his hands to the exact spot to alleviate your concern or pain.

How fantastic is that? Goodbye instinct, hello consciousness!
Enjoy your self in all its variety with Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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