‘I don’t have time’, is the refrain
Often said with a look of pain,
As if you yourself cannot manage
Feeling yourself caught in a cage.

Is it all of your own making?
Speed comes into the rating
It’s as if you want to be able
To win the only prize available.

But there is not just one prize!
Just for a moment, open your eyes
There are a zillion accolades
How else for boys and maids?

Each of us, unique in our own way
We all have a personal, different say
Why not as many prizes on the way?
Remember this is your own day!

Why are we so hung up on time?
Our sophistication is so sublime.
I think not! It is the cause of stress
We even worry about how to dress!

The answer is there for all to see
But we don’t see past the nearest tree.
We search for answers in all our books.
We look in the mirror, changing looks?

The answer is staring us in the face
For Time is the child of endless Space.
Invented by us, forever to cuss,
Not enough, surely, to cause a fuss?

It’s ours to choose as always
Free-will, the gift that allays
All our fears, if we give it time,
There it is again, blessed Time!
© David Tenneson – 2016


About David

Devonian writer
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