With the approach of Christmas the period of Advent … is nearly upon us.
This approach or coming is heralded by Christians in celebration of the birth of Jeshua, commonly known as Jesus, at the cusp between BC and AD, or so we are told.

So much of the writings of old are being investigated by scientists to discount or validate their authenticity, in that process one has to acknowledge the imagination of those who, in the main wrote the accepted texts some time after the events without being present at the time or having met any of the participants, including the most well known of them all.

Still, the words they wrote are believed to be inspired by the Divine! At the same time it was and still is heresy for anyone else to channel words from that same spirit realm and are given the glorified title of hocus-pocus, unless of course the mouthpiece was so admired, feared or beatified and given the title of saint, often posthumously, when any attribute is beyond proof!

Are we not all human with good and not so good in all of us?

With the Advent of translations of the Apocryphal Gospels being found hidden in the deserts we have to ask why they were denied inclusion in the Christian or Jewish holy books, when to many in this day and age they seem more like the real thing as an intensely personal record of events in the remote past.

Of course the powers that assumed control of these things when the various texts were collated and decided to include in the so called sacred writings the personal accounts were still regarded as being unworthy, for you must understand purely human reasons, and thereafter at the various Synods and Convocations the final draft was altered again and again to bring it to where we are today, and we still regard the book in its totality as being divinely inspired. Why so? You tell me!

Who knows what the future may bring?

It will not be a surprise to many that the greatest Adventure for mankind is upon us, there is no advent or expected coming, except of course for the coming that will not happen, for it is here with us right now. It crosses the boundaries of all religions, cults and none because it recalls the ancient wisdom held in plain sight amongst the gospels exposed and some still to be found.

When we mention religions and cults it seems that nothing has changed from the days when Jeshua was growing up in what we know today as the holy land. It may be no surprise that there were at least as many cults in his time as there are today, each with their own slant on the happenings and teachings brought to them day by day.

Consequently with a powerful ecclesiastical hierarchy who would take no interference, translation, denial or repudiation of the prophecies of old, the various cults had to take every opportunity to preserve the way they saw the truth unfolding before their very eyes and took every precaution to ensure that their thoughts were never known to the establishment and hidden away where no one would find them until they could be retrieved.

Hence the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi gospels which have come to light in our own time. I have no doubt that with improved techniques of searching using satellite photography and earth radar, more will come to light in the not too distant future. I would put my money of the instrument of Light through the powerful Laser technology.

We know that every charismatic master draws a following, whether real or fake, and each student will see teachings in a slightly different way, using their own intelligence rather than repeating verbatim the words of their chosen master, hence the large number of cults that followed masters and who feared being branded as heretics with unbelievable consequences spanning the centuries. Cults of fear?

Are we more tolerant now?
Do we respect the choice of faith of others?
But lets get away from the religions of fear for a moment.

Let me reiterate that the Divine, although major cults demand that we fear God, does not know the meaning of fear since this is an aspect of consciousness invented by mankind. There is only Divine Grace which is a vibration pouring into us continuously, a vibration of Well-being.

What does Divine Grace bring to us?

It is only concerned with our wellness, our health and our ability to find happiness whoever we are. So what do we have to do to get some of it?
It is merely a question of recognition!
If you thought that you had to summon this Divine energy, think again because once you accept that it is there for each one of us you must, just believe it. No ifs, ands or buts, no doubts ever. Just believe, believe, believe.

It is the same for all of the amazing things that have been presented for our benefit such as healing. You have to believe that it will happen for you, but if there is the slightest doubt, however deeply seated in your conscious or sub-conscious mind it will fail. It is ‘doubt’ itself that is the hurdle to healing, the barrier to Well-being and the opposite, cancelling vibration to all of your positive thought.

It is the same process of recognition, acceptance and belief in the Logos itself for it is of no consequence what faith you follow, merely that you recognise the presence of the Logos, God, Allah, Father or any other name you chose to use to name the Divine.

Well-being is all that is contained within the never ending stream of the Grace and this is the Great Adventure when you recognise, accept and believe with no doubts: in short you have taken the first step on the path to happiness which, when all is said and done and whatever else you may call it, becomes a new level of consciousness within you. Some call it Ascension, but what’s in a word?

Enjoy your Adventure with Love, Joy and Happiness, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Yes so true David, we are within a great adventure right now.. And it is up to us to create it to be a joyful and happy experience.. Thank you my friend
    Love and Blessings Sue


    • David says:

      You know Sue we are so conscious of one another and our Well-being that we were constantly saying sorry! In case we upset the other. Well, we have decided to change sorry for happy! Or are you happy? Hope you are always happy too dear Sue as we journey through this Great Adventure. Love, David

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