We’ve mentioned the bonfire once before
Tonight we’ll see many with fireworks galore.
It has been said that this too will pass …
As fireworks become a thing of the past!

Taking the fun our of traditions gone by?
Just moving on from the gunpowder lie.
It’s not in the remit of our future to be,
This with guns will be banned, don’t you see?

To fire or not to fire? Fire first, ask afterwards!
This will become a maxim of past words
As minds are turned to their true potential
With respect for each being, compassion for all.

Some who will take their time to conform,
Generations to trust that this is the norm.
Removing the need to carry their arms
Replacing with safety, no need for alarms.

Other ways to celebrate are already ours
With Lasers and lightshows for hours and hours.
We can leave behind weapons of destruction
Seeing the Universe as peaceful construction.

Any new planet which we decide to invade
The vibration of peace is ours like pomade.
We breathe in an air which is new and unknown
As we have a haven of peace, new seeds sown.

Kissing goodbye to the old Planet Earth
We find ourselves a new Planet birth.
Leaving behind the rules of the past
We’ll find our long term haven at last.

So what of fire in the forests anew
Perhaps we won’t need it we’ll be so few!
At least to begin with, but we’ll multiply
Perhaps no fire, but we’ll all start to fly?
© David Tenneson – 2016


About David

Devonian writer
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4 Responses to FIRE

  1. An excellent poem dear David..And I dream of our new earth also my friend


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