Not too early to say:
‘Christmas is coming, the Geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat, if you haven’t got a penny a halfpenny will do and if you haven’t got a ha’penny, a farthing will do, but if you haven’t got a farthing, God Bless you.’ From the good days of old money!

Most major stores will already be erecting their Christmas Grottos to cater for expectant queues of children itching to sit on Santa’s knee to tell him what they want for Christmas, and like as not his twin will be out in the freezing cold of the forecourt with his bell to attract attention and entice you into the store and some even collecting for Children’s Charities.

Charity begins at home, so it was said many moons ago, but in some homes it is doubtful whether they even know the meaning of the word even to their own family and neighbours and those trying to escape war, persecution and the need to find a better life may be hard pressed to find a safe haven to live and work to better themselves and their families in a typical western society.

I truly wish that in this approaching season of good will we can all find it in our hearts to show charity through our compassion and offer help to those in such desperate need. If the shoe was on the other foot I’m sure we would look for and expect the same in those capable of offering similar safe haven to us in foreign countries.

It is said that we, in our little island home have a reputation of being charitable folk, but what concerns me is the fear that drove so many to want to leave the safety of our association with Europe because of the major fear of other folk coming to live with us when we rely on so many from other lands to harvest our crops, staff our hospitals and drive our busses and trains.

Let’s face it: Only because we have successfully priced ourselves out of those markets and are now unwilling to do what we consider to be menial tasks and so beneath us!

Is that insular nature so deeply embedded in our minds that we in our selfishness fear others so much? Have we not just won more Olympic medals that ever before? Are we not strong? Are we not capable and compassionate?

There is another way waiting in the wings for us all to recognise, to acknowledge and to practice that which will bring so much more than the material gains we seek so hard to protect.

I was privileged to be in the company to hear the prophecy that Britain would be Great again, not in the physical sense but spiritually, but I have to say that it will not happen until we can come to some common agreement and stop squabbling amongst ourselves.

We are so concerned with the physical, material gains of being alone that we leave no room for the more important spiritual benefits, which will bring the greater joy long term, happiness to us all and certainly to all others when we allow ourselves to welcome those others in need into our country.

It all begins with the recognition of the important part that the heart plays in our daily lives. We need to rise above the base level of the solid foundation of the earth to the airy nature of the heart with its association with emotion, love and compassion.

In order to do this we must, yes I say must, firstly find out who we really are, what really makes us tick and understand the deep beliefs that motivate us. Here’s the real work: finding out from the womb onwards what made us who we are today.

Understanding from our deepest level of consciousness what is ours to keep and what we need to let go of. When that happens the greatest feeling of freedom pervades the conscious mind allowing us to see beyond the base nature and to fly into the element of air where charity becomes second nature and everyone on the planet becomes family!

When the Critical Mass of those elevated to the level of the heart is reached Britain takes on a new face, a new persona. As in the days of Empire it becomes Great again, but with a totally different format, Life takes on a new meaning where greed is no longer good and Charity becomes as automatic as breathing.

This can only happen from within, it cannot be forced upon us, only recognised and acted upon by ourselves individually … just like our recognition and acceptance of the Divine Architect as the Source of All There Is of which we are an integral part through the consciousness of our Soul within, when we become One in our waking Conscious Mind.
Wishing Love, Joy and Happiness in our Wholeness, Hanukah & the Angel


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