What is the point?
To a crowned head anoint
For some to smoke a joint
Or ride a point-to-point?

It’s always been so, so it has to be.
Some smoke most pleasurably
While others ride for a winner to be
But then, some do it all habitually.

Habits abound …
Imagining much is hallowed ground
Where rituals and ceremonies abound.
How long have we been around?

What is the context of the divine in all of this?
Many have decided to give it all a miss.
Are you one of those on the increasing list?
Or content to join as generations, missed?

Kissed the Blarney Stone, seeking blessing
Looking for help in life’s murky messing.
Did you throw the salt to cure the cursing
Knock on wood, avoid under ladders passing?

The point of pursuit is surely to win
And confirm your crowning in the ring?
Other ways open when offerings you bring
No crown or sacrifice, just you, pleasing!

The only pastime worth pursuing is the Divine
Like gathering grapes from the ripening vine.
Your purpose is determined and oh so fine
Bringing all into consciousness and in line.

In line to recognise the Divine Mind
In perpetuity with you, it’s already aligned.
There is nothing therefore for you to find,
All is found, all you need is to accept, remind!
© David Tenneson – 2016


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to THE POINT

  1. Many roads, many choices, and I guess David the point to all of this is we are here to experience.. And without those who take the wrong roads would the rest of us know the right road 🙂
    Nice to be back to catch up with you David


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