We have commented on the fact that the Grace of God does not depend on the season, day or time of day for us to receive the energy of Well-being, sometimes referred to as the Stream.

There is a common misconception that God, Allah or the Logos is somewhere up there, above the clouds, but in truth the Logos is everywhere, with us and by that I mean all of us, whoever we are, all of the time whether awake or asleep.

The trick is, in all of the spiritual awakening in which mankind must indulge right now, given names like Ascension, it all comes down to acknowledging, accepting and believing that the Logos exists and of which we are an indivisible part through the eternal element of each of us being the Soul.

This is much easier to accept when we understand the analogy of the Great Fire of the Logos, given to us by one of the great ancient religions of the world, giving off thousands and thousands of sparks in a never ending expansive stream just like the sparks soaring into the night sky as we celebrate Guy Fawkes night on November the 5th around the bonfire.

Each one of us is one of those sparks or Souls set adrift to find the best possible location in the Universe of the experience needed for the spark or Soul to enjoy in its next incarnation.

Of course the Fire of the Logos is not fire as we understand it, but Supreme Consciousness pervading the whole of the Universe which gives of itself as departing Souls without depleting itself in any way, allowing the Soul to go where it knows the best possible experience occurs, for its quest lies in returning to the Logos like the Prodigal Son having bettered itself and gained knowledge, wisdom and an enhanced consciousness approaching the Supreme Consciousness of the Logos.

The present Quest for us humans then: to develop as far as possible our spiritual as opposed to religious potential by the development of our compassion for all other humans and all other beings blessed with Consciousness, for make no mistake when we consider any other life form of higher technological achievement than ourselves, with which we may eventually make contact, the one common denominator between us and them is the Soul which we all enjoy.

This brings me to the most enjoyable feeling that out there in the vastness of space there are countless other beings each of whom share our Soul Purpose and if they did journey to Earth it would certainly not be to overtake us but, as I believe happened in the past, to trade with us giving them a temporary or stepping stone home and in return giving us an enhanced DNA structure, allowing the human race gradually to receive consciousness, before which event we were nothing more than animal man!

The one thing that most will get wrong is that the elevation of one’s spiritual awareness is not a serious business demanding years spent as a hermit in a cave or a monk in a cell, but on the contrary, it is to become true citizens of Earth expanding our compassion and love for all other conscious beings which brings with it great feelings of gratitude in the knowledge that all can and must be achieved in joy and happiness.

By this simple process of spiritual awareness, using for most of us religion as a stepping stone, bringing us in consciousness closer to the Logos, which is crazy in its simplicity because our vocabulary is incomplete, and the Logos in its omnipresence is with each of us 24/7. If that is the case then who or what is our higher self?

When we come to the realisation that religion, and it matters not which branch we chose, is a welcome introduction in fact we do not need an intermediary when we accept that we are in such close contact with the Logos. When this happens in our mind and we believe it, we enjoy true freedom, knowing that there is nothing between us and the Divine Logos:
We are One.

This is true Oneness and only through the simple acts of recognition and acceptance can we journey along the true pathway to the Logos.

Of course this simplicity implies connection and correspondence to begin with our selves and then by that simplicity with the Logos. I have often mooted that ‘talking to one’s self is the beginning of wisdom’ and this is indeed so, as those means of connection and correspondence come clearly into focus in our minds or consciousness.

It is important that we look deeply within to find out exactly who we are and to communicate with every single element that spans our several dimensions as if we were sitting on a bus journey with them and chatting about what we have found out about ourselves so that all parts of us are acquainted with and aware of the progress of the mind, consciousness and spirit.

Remember that it was foreseen that the potential was in the selection of your life and the great probability was inherent in the quest you are now on. Why else would you read these words and put them to your best advantage?

So, where are you going?
I think you now know the answer to that question my friends, but perhaps I should have asked, where do you think you are going? … and of course with your Higher Self to guide you. Have you found out its identity yet?
Clue: Be wary of intermediaries!

Wishing you Love, Joy and Happiness in your Wholeness
Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. “Each one of us is one of those sparks or Souls set adrift to find the best possible location in the Universe of the experience needed for the spark or Soul to enjoy in its next incarnation.! ”
    Exactly David


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