I believe that we are electromagnetic beings, sounds like Robots, what with all the amazing prosthetics now engineered and the number of bionic people around, it is assumed by some that we shall become or be taken over by Robots eventually! But no, I don’t believe so, perhaps I should have been more specific and said electromagnetic human beings.

What recent experimentation has proved is that the heart is 5000 times more magnetic than the brain, surely we need look no further … don’t we or do we?

Everything that we create has to begin with a conscious decision, idea or plan so when we say concentrate on the heart, breathe as if the breathing takes place through the heart, you have immediately set an idea in motion and since every thought, idea or plan has a unique vibration, you breathe in Prana and you send out, on the out breath, a powerful magnetic vibration which will touch everyone in your vicinity and depending on your imagination, as far as it will go!

So what’s going on here?
You cannot see what’s going on, you can’t hear it or smell it, but depending on your sensitivity you might feel it immediately or perhaps a little later. So what dimension did you use to send out or feel this vibration?
You might have felt it in your physical body, but how did it get there?

We still talk about the ether or airwaves which send out radio and TV signals which we cannot see, hear or smell unless of course you have a receiver tuned to the frequency or vibration of the signal and then you can hear on your radio and possibly hear and see what is being sent out on your correctly tuned TV.

Distant healing is an anomaly strange to most unless you are one of the fortunate ones to benefit from this amazing procedure. But in order for it to work, and for the recipient to gain the most benefit, there must be an understanding between the healer and the client so that belief allows for an attunement through which the healing energies can move, over distances and to the other side of the world if necessary!

When two people live close to one another for some time, couples, twins and people thrown together through force of circumstance they will often come up with the same thought, finish a sentence for the other and begin to wonder if they are reading each other’s minds?

It is no family secret that we do not play Trivial Pursuit with my sister-in-law because if you just read the answer she will immediately pick up on it and give the correct answer every time!

Is this all on the same air wave or unseen present day dimension?

On a trip to the Treasurer’s House in York where part of the complex used to be outside and is now an inside courtyard, on stepping through that threshold I was hit by a thump to my chest, not physical by anyone else but, boy did I feel it as it threw me against the wall. Something or someone was not happy to see someone of my sensitivity in their domain or were they trying to attract my attention?

Similarly when visiting Speak Hall in Lancashire with that same sister-in-law as we entered the bedroom complete with four poster bed I felt extreme sadness and sister burst into tears. We asked what had happened there, only to be shown a secret panel revealing a Priest’s Hole where the incumbent had been murdered!

I never knew my father and on that same trip north, I was taken to the rose garden where his ashes were scattered 20 years previously and as I read the book of remembrance, of course it was an emotional journey, but sister could not take it and we had to leave.

Expectant mothers are warned of the dangers of smoking, drinking and taking certain medications while pregnant, but I am willing to bet that no one is told of the way that the vibrations generated by their thoughts and beliefs can impact on the consciousness of the growing child within them!

The child with minimal sight, hearing and the inability to communicate yet, will already have those vibrations of the mother within them, and you wonder how we carry all that baggage belonging to others? Yes, it also applies to the others who coo over you and you cannot refuse you just soak it up lock, stock and both barrels when you are small!

So, back to the heart:
Because it is the most powerful organ in the human body we need to concentrate on sending the vibration of that organ which includes Love to all in our family, our vicinity and to the whole world since love is desperately needed, but which dimension does that go through?

In fact we are multidimensional beings, no one would dispute that our body is Physical that we call the third dimension which dissolves one way or another at death. When we send the vibrations of the heart of course the heart cannot act on its own it needs the mind to activate any action.

The Mind is synonymous with Consciousness which is again another word for Spirit and it is the Spirit which guides us through a physical existence, but like the Body dissolves at death. Mind, Consciousness and Spirit are one and exist in a dimension apart from the Physical.

However there is one more part of us which does not dissolve at death but exists eternally. It is the reason why we are here and acts purely as a Silent Witness to all that the Spirit guides us to and through for the benefit of its own experience, which we call the Soul. Existing apart from all the rest in its own dimension, the Dimension of the Logos or God, call it what you will.

If you are still searching for the Dimension where it all happens then look no further for it is the Dimension of your Consciousness.
Wishing Love, Joy and Happiness in your Heart, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. I can say it no better than Val.. It all comes from Heart Consciousness.. Sending Love David


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    From my heart to yours David 💛


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