The continuing story and the New Dimension of Patience.

Hindsight is great, isn’t it?
So, on reflection we look back at our Retreat in Spain, meant to be a Retreat for others, but which turned out to be ours and it has to be said that in the expression of Patience for all of those 12 years there were many lessons to learn.

For a start the other dimension of healing humans turned out to be the restitution of property on two levels. Firstly the obvious physical level of bricks and mortar, timber and glass, then also the provision of services to make the places habitable and also comfortable for the expectations of those coming to share our space. Secondly, the spiritual levels of previous owners energies and also the presences in both properties where they were hanging on to complete unfinished business.

All of these were not exactly new to us, but having to deal with them all at once was an experience when the presences hanging on, resented our attempts to make changes to the properties, not in an aggressive way – nothing came flying off the walls, but we were left in no doubt when conscious of their unhappy presence, from a shadow, and a shiver to the smell of tobacco in a no smoking home. Our sensitivities grew in these environments!

It must be said that it was not this aspect of our retreat that drove us away, but the emotional draw of family which, when the attempt to provide for others did not happen as we wanted, provided the pull to quit and return to family in the UK.

It has been said that if our original desire had come to our expected fruition we would probably still be in Spain. And here’s the miracle having made the decision to return a brand new mission opened up before us!

This was expressed by our communicators who brought all of our talents, sensitivities and gifts into one unique package to convince us that, as before having made our new home habitable, yes – yet again, we would not be left high and dry with no friends in a foreign land there would be plenty to occupy our underlying desire to be of service to the community in which we found ourselves.

As we spoke about the patience manifesting for 12 years in Spain and now for 8 months in UK while this, like our other homes, was made ready, there was one more task to accomplish before the mission could take off in earnest.

Have you, within your necessary journey within to find out who you really are, found yourself to be the pack horse carrying so much unwanted baggage and misremembered happenings and chastisements that you begin to wonder who, in fact, you are?

Did it occur to you that those memories are not what really happened, or were given to you by others and are not yours at all? Well, this is what happened to me on my journeys within with the help of my friends in high places.

So, the task for me is to revisit those places which were important to me in my early years during World War II and thereafter in those lean and learning times.

I am not saying that you need to do the same, but for me the past has been carefully divided into remote and recent. The remote has given me many reasons for gifts and conditions of mind and body which I enjoy right now but it is the recent, when I say recent I mean from 1940 onwards, that I have to confront to shed some of the load I carry, with the older generation gone save one, to free me for the mission ahead.

Having said that, there is nothing like personal experience to give one the insight into the possibilities for others to experience, and for instance, in order to be genuine when you say, I know how you feel, it only has relevance and truth when you have your own feelings to guide you, in those similar circumstances.

Of course being unique, no two people have the same experience of coping with pain, but with a similar diagnosis we come close to similar experience.

What can bring us together is a common appreciation of space and in that respect it has been our quest for many years to provide a different environment or new dimension for others to find a beautiful and calming space to bring that much needed inner feeling of peace in this busy and shrinking world.

Although refuted on a personal level, you could say that we do care about what people think and feel, because in our attempts to build such an environment we understand that you can please some of them some of the time, but not all of them all of the time!

Our home is a place of peace, order and multiple topics of conversation giving everyone an opportunity to comment, question and break the ice opening to conversation and discussion leading to the higher planes of consciousness.

Similarly our garden is slowly taking on a colour palette in its wrapping round the house like a warm coat of many colours, with perfumes to bring joy to the senses according to the seasons and changing the vibrations from base to crown through the changing dimensions, invoking happiness and patience through peace and tranquility.
With Joy to your senses and Happiness in your Heart, Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to NEW DIMENSION

  1. Sometimes I think David we have to revisit those places, be them in the physical or within the memory to off load that baggage which we have carried around upon our backs so long..
    When we finally let it go and set it down, the freedom one feels and the lightness of BEing we feel knowing at last that we need only carry love..


  2. You are so very right, David, when you mention that often our memories are tainted by what others have told us about OUR past. It is not seldom that we see ourselves doing what only others have been able to see. To the Baby even a child is a giant… and we too have been those very babies among giants of all calibre. Those who we in charge of our education brought with them all the stresses and the joys of their own past and too often by sharing them with us made these foreign feelings part of our supposed memories.

    All through our lives we will have to find out what is really ours and what is somebody else’s. You said it, David, no one is the faithful replica of someone else… not even real twins share the same fingerprints nor will they ever feel the same way. So, why should we try to be good clones instead of being good originals. Realising this and correcting whatever is not us should be a priority.
    We have received reason, so… why not use it ? One can never be another Leonardo da Vinci, nor a Caruso, nor a good copy of Einstein, we can only better or worse but we are ourselves first.

    Thank you for reading me.

    with Love and Light to all, I remain yours truly.


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    • David says:

      Thanks Eugene, I love, ‘So, why should we try to be good clones instead of being good originals’
      Indeed we are unique and we should all wake up to that fundamental fact, leading to the respect of one another! Love, David


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