A story of learning about Patience.

In 2003 we decided to up sticks and move to Spain, pooling our resources and take our belongings, lock stock and barrel, to the Vale of Ayora up in the mountains somewhere between the coast and Madrid.

Why? Well, we both had a dream to provide a place of peace, quiet and beauty where folks of like mind could come to share time, prayer, meditation and learn about the finer aspects of life on Planet Earth and our reasons of being in the aspect of the higher planes.

A lofty ideal? Maybe, but since we were looking in the same direction it seemed the best path to follow and in the September of that year with my arm strapped to a foam wedge from an industrial accident, the essential packing of both our homes was left to my better half.

Our first home was idyllic, a 4 bedroom bungalow on a small hill overlooking the village of Ayora and with only six other houses nearby we set about clearing the jungle of the garden and restoring the damages in the house with some added building works to make the place habitable. We called it Beth Shalom or House of Peace.

We soon learnt that with temperature extremes of 40 C plus in the summer to minus 20 in the winter we had to up the central heating from gas bottles to oil and include air conditioning.

It also became clear, as we learnt about the history of the place, that the house had a violent and murky past and with our spiritual connections we had to restore the energies which remained from previous occupants so that visitors would feel a welcome rather than the heaviness which we encountered in the beginning.

Having family and friends to stay initially to get the catering, on all levels, sorted in became clear after a couple of years that the layout of the property was not the best, with providers and guests bumping into each other in the corridors.

The temperature extremes were difficult to cope with as the water main was frozen for a week in winter and with no way to cool off from the 40 plus in the summer except under the shade from the giant pine trees in the garden we decided to cut our losses and look for somewhere with more space, a less extreme climate and nearer to the coast.

Needless to say our dream was put on hold in one pocket and in the other pocket we found patience. After all it was only time and our mission to heal had been served in the manner of restoring the property on many levels ready for a young Spanish couple to have their first home together.

Our second home in Spain was only 40 kilometres from the coast, rather than the 100 to Ayora, in a place called Monovar. This was a 7 bedroom mansion with an annex in the grounds, an old pigeon house which we converted into a changing room for the pool or additional bedroom with en suite.

The rest of the mansion was a wreck, owned by a family of gypsies who we bought the place from, whose main occupation seemed to be in shooting at the window shutters and anything that moved in the garden, so no birds or wildlife when we arrived, or getting drunk and punching holes in doors and windows. We often wonder what prompted us to buy the place in that condition? But we had our vision and that was paramount!

So, we added a double garage and a grand veranda and this time we decided to go Spanish and named the house Casa de la Paz. Yes, you’ve guessed it House of Peace again, but in a different language and more in keeping with where we wanted to allow our joint dream to manifest. The family who bought from us decided to keep the name!

What is it they say about the best laid plans?
Yes, it happened again. I forget which pocket we found Patience, but we really felt that this was it and that we would be here until they carried us out in boxes. So, needless to say all of the preparations we made were as if we would be there for the duration.

Do I need to explain that we came across the same energy difficulties here as before which we had to put to rights with the help of our advisors, learning as we went along of the problems with previous owners.

The families and friends came to visit as before, but as the families grew to the point where airfares made it too expensive to come out to see us, one of us had to remain to look after the huge responsibility of the Casa and it meant that one would go to see the grandchildren and we were albeit temporarily separated which was not our plan at all.

We had to take the difficult decision to move again but this time back to be nearer to the family in England.

The move to Spain was relatively easy at least for me but moving back to England shall we say had its moments and we were parted for 6 weeks! Not nice, but this time it felt as if the inspired choice of move, location, house and mission was preordained and as we speak 12 years after the move to Spain and 8 months after the move back to England we found the pocket full of Patience yet again.

The mission is still yet to begin, but watch this space for the next episode as Patience takes on a new dimension.
In Joy and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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6 Responses to PATIENCE

  1. That Patience I am sure has paid off David.. And yes we are often tested 🙂 xx


  2. Patience, patience … how many sleepless nights did you gave us … while we were hoping to hear you say : ” Well folks, I am leaving you for you will not need me anymore. Be happy you deserved it!”. These are the words we so hope to hear, dear Patience, while you leave behind only dreams of yesterday preparing for tomorrow and that is today.

    Thank you, David. I am sure we will move mountains as long as we have faith in ourselves and in our mission.

    With love and light to you and all who we read your post.



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