In our latter years it is with ease
We look back if only to please
The senses on achievements past,
In youth first and then later last.

But so often we find fault in failure
Not having done our best, with pure
And simple regret, we did not achieve
And leapt the ring, deciding to leave.

Everything, but everything we did
Even to the many secrets we hid
The unfulfilled and unfinished task
When deciding in the sun to bask.

Is anything ever truly finished?
Feelings of undone can be diminished
For every action on this plane of planes
Is the source of reflected aims and claims.

All is but a blip on the curve of learning
Our best attempt is all in the yearning
To promote, complete, succeed and win
All is begun, created, mindfully within.

Learning is attempting, moving and failing.
He who never fails, never moves in creating.
He who never fails, never learns from co-creating
Since all is a partnership with our higher being.

The higher side of life gives much to emulate,
Giving encouragement, never early or late,
All is in your own time, so try not to hesitate!
You are in control, no conversation or debate.

Look back with joy on all of where you were,
See your progress like a shining stir
Of the firmament. What’s done makes now,
What you do now gives your tomorrow.
© David Tenneson – 2016


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to WHERE WE WERE

  1. All of it every blip is all part your story in discovering who you are.. Every step we take forward or what may appear backwards always leads us to our progression..
    Wonderful poem as all of them are David.. Love to you .. Sue


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