In our macho societies we are often pressured to go beyond our natural aptitude, when we do not perform to the expectations of others and we are branded as weak, in the attitude of both peers in the playground to employers in emporiums where we, with any luck, manage finally to find work!

With the worst of bad luck, (or was it by design?) from an early age in the home, not to say the womb, where certainly the seeds are sown for the recognition of later environmental energies which force us to make choices not always of our making if we were left to our own devices!

These choices impressed on us by others stay with us throughout a lifetime unless checked and changed to suit our selves when we really know who and what we are. That process needs to summon a deal of courage often not dared to express before, which is why it is often left to our middle to later years.

Indeed, some of us do have to wait until mid to old age when responsibilities alter, changes in the body begin to be felt and we can experience feelings which we often, of our own volition concealed and put down to weakness, when depression invaded the conscious mind and often sadly began to take over.

There are of course conditions of the mind and body which can occur at any age leading to feelings of not exactly weakness but great tiredness. Some of us go on regardless and continue to climb mountains to great ages, while the rest of us through continuous or repetitive tasks, inherited DNA or the environment suffer reactions of weakness in one form or another.

I suffered an accident at work while trying to make an industrial kitchen ready for me to train the chefs, using my shoulder as a battering ram to move a heavy cast iron mixing machine into a more usable position, as the engineers were late arriving.

On investigation by two consultants it was diagnosed that I have a congenital weakness in the arrangement of the tendons from shoulder blade and biceps which became severed and had to be reconnected to the bones, causing me to take an early retirement at the tender age of sixty three!

Although my favourite sport at school was gymnastics I could never climb ropes, do pull ups on the beam or take my own weight in flip-flaps and the specialist’s investigation explained why. The tendons were too short!

In those areas of the gym I was considered weak. At least I excelled at vaulting!

I can safely say that it took the courage I spoke of to set me on the right course, but this only came about during the process of finding out who and what I am. Knowing myself explained so much and when I found out about me and everyone else in the world the courage I had lacked just came with that realisation.

Of course so much more besides came with the gift of knowing!

It is a labour of love to convince the uninitiated that there is nothing to fear when finding out about your true self and so much to gain. I suppose that there are so many superstitious voodoos and taboos impressed on us by the many relations and religions whose threshold of intermediary we should never cross, that we view the spiritual as opposed to the religious as being just that. Taboo land!

The fact is that we are not weak and certainly strong enough to find out who we are and once we know, we also realise that we need no intermediary between us and our loving Father whom we may know by different names, all of which are accepted by the Logos so long as we recognise its existence!

Also there is no right or wrong, of whatever ritual or ceremony, in fact there is no right or wrong in the spiritual sense, only sadly in the common or written laws of countries and communities around the world.

What is it like to have access to the mind of a billionaire?
What is it like to be confined to a wheelchair?
What is it like to have arms and/or legs blasted off by a land mine?
What is it like to be born a Down’s syndrome child with that mind?
What is it like to witness the thoughts that fill the mind of a terrorist?
Is it enough to be mindful of the thoughts that in our own minds exist?

To witness all of these and many more aspects of humanity is the prerogative and the choice of every Soul seeking experience and growth through the untold number of incarnations possible through humanity on Planet Earth.

Many aspects of ourselves may be seen as weakness, but of the almost infinite variety, none are in the spiritual sense weak! All are the opportunity to witness, but witness without interference or guidance with the foreknowledge of previous experience.

One of the things we should all learn is that resistance seen as strength is in fact a barrier to the stream of Well-being coming to us 24/7 and only weakens our Well-being causing us to feel the need to resist even more; it is a cycle with vicious consequences! Better by far not to resist but to go with the flow, agree and concur.

Every life is an opportunity and none should be viewed as weak, but infinitely various, different again from the last, by maybe just a subtle change from what has gone before with just a change or mixture of gender, even brought on by the possible influence of others and the chosen environment. Chosen by the Soul that is! But of course using the direction of that choice by the Spirit, together with the body, to enhance and proceed where it takes us.

It is difficult for us humans to accept the possibility of choosing a possible probability and then once able to sustain life and incarnated to hand over the reins of a life path to another aspect of spirit and thus thereafter to take a back seat and witness how a life develops and transpires!

That is not weakness but the highest strength, which of course means nothing to the Silent witness which is only concerned with the experience itself, however it turns out.

How else can we put it with our limited vocabulary?
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah and the Angel


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