Over the wall with the morning call
The leaves of the cherry tree turn to gold.
Late awakening, bleary eyed into the fall
The changing season heralds of old.

Has summer really gone or did I blink?
Was the colour change a trick of the light?
No, no all is in its proper place, I think
If I can pause for a sec and adjust the sight!

This early morn of meandering in the mind
Is just me not being so bright in early hours
Nature never ceases to amaze our kind
Sometimes early, others late like flowers.

I love all in its variety, keeping us on our toes
Not allowing the boredom of fish so it’s Friday!
Mindful of the need to banish all our woes
Change is good to keep the mind’s foes at bay.

Looking within tells about ourselves and beyond
Looking beyond teaches much from nature’s gift.
Are you aware of treasure within plain sight’s bond
Gifted from eternity if we would join and banish rift.

Many kingdoms brush against our own
Plants and animals have much to teach.
When will schools give the blessings known?
Instead of having to listen to dogmas preached.

Awareness of self and awareness of all is the way
Respect and understanding of all there is, calls
Through the changing seasons of pure gold array
Witnessing through inner eyes and learning halls.

The Halls of Learning are not someplace else
They are here, presently on Planet Earth, just know
Open eyes and ears, listen to the ocean in shells
Drink in wisdom, taste, touch golden eternity’s flow!
© David Tenneson – 2016


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to GOLD

  1. Yes those seasons change so quickly and the wind has already helped blow a few leaves down, I think the seasons are confused a little here as I have my second flush of Magnolia’s in bloom which flowered in Spring.. 🙂
    Loved your poem and hope you settle back into those dreary winter days here in the UK 😉


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