Love of God

I have no doubt that most if not all of our readers have also read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and for me the turning point was the Fourth Insight and possibly for you when we realised that what another does should be of no consequence, neither that we have to steal energy from them, but to understand that we have a personal and in fact a consciousness source of energy and love from the Divine Source.

This Source of Divine Energy from the Source of all there is, is in fact limitless and is there for each of us for all time no matter how much we spend, or how much love we give to others, there is the same limitless supply to top us up immediately in the present moment. This is the Grace of God which is there for us without even asking not for a day, a special day or days, but for Eternity.

Many find the concept of communion with God a daunting prospect, having been brought up to FEAR God, and they are apprehensive to say the least believing that as with the gods of old there was the very real superstition of being blasted to oblivion by a thunderbolt from Zeus!

But here’s the thing:
God is Love and as such loves us all, no matter what any of us gets up to!

Difficult to swallow that one? Especially when you consider IS? But there is no judgement for any of God’s offspring, no right or wrong since it is we who decide on right or wrong, He loves us all. Unlike Colonel Gaddafi who imagined something similar saying:
‘My people, they love me, they love me all’ proved so wrong being murdered by his own people!

If God needed to speak to us His language would be no language of planet Earth, but the language of Love! In our small way we know how limiting language is and how easy it is to misunderstand and take things out of context, especially if translation is involved. An Inheritance from our misspent past?

Better for God to leave any communication to His ministers, teachers and prophets to try and bring His Love to us in our own words. You see, you don’t have to look far to find Divine Love and Wisdom in action! Just so long as you don’t ask God to live your life for you!

So, the upshot is that when we have gathered the courage to change and communicate with God we will experience that connection in a very strange way. You could almost say an Alien way!

Since we are so used to falling for and loving each other and things outside of ourselves we would surely find any contact devoid of language and via any of our normal senses of communication, but an inner ecstasy, mentally, emotionally and most of all spiritually as being rather … Alien! Eh?

This is the new type of imagery and un-language which is involved in our Quest which we need to follow, if not already on the path, until the end of time.

It is true that any such essays as this can only act as signposts since the real experience of the Love of God can only come from a personal experiential journey from looking within. No one can do this for you since you are unique and your own experience will also be unique.

It is, however, the most important journey you can make in this and any other lifetime since the goal is always the same and in successive lives the journey should have a more positive direction than the last, no matter in what circumstance we come into this world.

Of course, we should not lose sight of the fact that each life is chosen not for our personal, physical or mental benefit, but with spiritual oversight, bearing in mind what has gone before, of the life possibilities that would be the most beneficial experience for the Silent Witness, the Soul.

In this Universal view it minimises the values which we in the West have put as most important and the aims, which we all are encouraged and even pressured to reach, as of no value at all. In short no matter our circumstance we will need to provide for ourselves, but with the love and respect and certainly not at the expense of others.

In time wealth will be re-defined for the benefit of all and greed will be outlawed, not by a manmade law but by the acceptance of these new values by each and every one of us by our overriding consciousness.

This overriding consciousness occurs as we consciously link with the Universal Divine Consciousness as a step on the pathway to Ascension.
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah and the Angel


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  1. Yes hard to swallow isn’t it that there are no right or wrong paths, All is experience and each end of the scale depicts the balance of energy.. Yes read all of James Redfields books within the series of the Prophecies – none beat the first one though.. Very insightful and one we can all relate to in the process of awakening.


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