It is the season!
The circular patterns within an oblong frame are taking shape in the garden just as the patterns in the fields take shape in the seasonal cycles each year. It is said to wait a year to see what comes up before changing anything! However, nothing daunted … there were certain all too obvious affronts to our senses and they just had to go, so that preparation could be made ready for the Autumnal planting cycle.

For what purpose are those crop circles? You may ask! As previously mentioned, the answer is within you and when found you will understand the nature of the architects whose purpose is that of an enhancement to your quest, which is to achieve a new level of spirituality on the path to Ascension.

Understanding is perhaps the final stage from acceptance through awareness and faith. Faith since it will appear within and is unseen, unheard via our usual five senses where judgement and logic hold sway, however, the exception proves the rule and it is through the annual circles that manifest the presence of the architects to the general public, in order to bring our conscious minds into a realisation of the possibility of the existence of the architects themselves.

It was shortly after the manifestation of the Ribbon Circle on 4th July 2002, in a field of wheat, close to Stonehenge that I had my first brush with this reality in the August of that year having known of them for many a year, but it was not until ten years later that I had confirmation of the vision I received in the open ribbon section of that circle which gave me the impetus to discover the meaning of Crop Circles in general.

It has been a trait of countless Croppies to see only the beauty or mathematical complexity to marvel at with little cognisance of the message behind each different circle’s design.

To date it has been as in the Middle ages, with a largely illiterate population being shown the Book of Kells or a similarly illuminated manuscript not being able to read the message in Latin, French or Early English and only to marvel at the pretty illuminated illustrations of capital letters and marginal flora and fauna.

It is a fact that the Circles are for a reason in the season, at the moment of their depiction and can only make sense for that moment. One of the reasons why they are shown through using a crop which when harvested obliterates the Circle itself whose only record is then from a photograph.

There is no point therefore in trying to find the message of a particular pattern in hindsight. It is distressing that with so many bright minds in this 21st Century that we still cannot understand the messages which are pouring forth to guide us on our pathway to Ascension.

In general there is an underlying trigger to our consciousness, repeated each year, yearning for an acceptance and a recognition of the possibility of other than human consciousness linked nevertheless to our own. In short to say: Look we are here!

How can that be? Many of you will be aware of the still small voice within and the many thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere! Do you imagine that such a communication can be put down to your imagination alone?
Let’s face it, for there to be anything called imagination there must already be an image or experience for the vision, thought or word to come from!

The windmills of the mind are indeed worthy of deep thought and exploration, through the corridors of consciousness, which you might like to call mindfulness. But, that is only part of the journey into consciousness which merely opens the door to the possibility and acceptance of a Universal Consciousness far greater than that of any human mind.

We are not talking of aliens here, but of a much deeper level of consciousness which we humans should already be searching to achieve in our quest for a deeper spirituality, which if truth be told any extraterrestrial intelligence would also have as its source. It would be unwise to imagine that we are the only species in the Universe to recognise the One Divinity!

I guess it is only natural for us to find something in the physical to bring into our consciousness as a manifestation of the circles or cycles we enjoy on so many levels in this life. So, as with those circles in our garden above, we have reflections from circles, repeat patterns of colour and the visual semi circles and bands of rainbows naturally and from faceted crystals.

I implore you to delve deeply into your own consciousness and search for the meaning of circles if you like, but of a level which will lead you to your own origin, the next step for us all on the pathway to Ascension and to which inevitably we will all return.
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah and the Angel


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  1. Another excellent read David.. I have long been fascinated with Crops circles and there messages.. and I have delved deeper into them over the years too.. Would that more wake up to their intelligence..
    Blessings Sue ❤


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