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It seems that the falling pound has not deterred one of those desperate to drive to the continent from which we decided to exit, witness the traffic jams due to, they say, enhanced security measures on our and the French side of the channel due to the recent terrorist attacks in France. Can you blame us, can you blame them?

The question surely has to be asked: Are the British now as suspect as any terrorist cell migrating through France or even home grown in their own back yard? I hope this is just over caution and not just a reaction to Brexit! Aside from that we are almost at the point of lock down as the intelligence supposes we could be the next target of IS or its UK born adherents! Help!

Time to take a break and ask the EU if all is forgiven and we can remain?
Perhaps not since we’ve made the bed and it’s up to us to make it as comfy as possible and to lie in it!

Back home: The August Break affects so many of us, even here in the West Country of England with our mild climate, beautiful scenery and coastline beaches, the envy of every Lido, we are a magnet for those wishing to patronise their homeland rather than go abroad to the dreaded Continent of Europe!

This brings rewards for local trades, but also the consequent traffic jams just like those travelling East! Only having been here this time round for a short while we know the lesson well and stock up to remain indoors as much as possible while the influx lasts.

The beauty of living here is that its beauty is ours 24/7 throughout all seasons, that is not to say that we are free of the jams at other times too from the Summer Break, because many will just come down to see us for a weekend break, but we are crafty and only visit others in the East at the start of the weekend and come back home at the end, thus travelling in the opposite direction to the mass traffic flows! Lucky? Crafty or what?
Much Blessed to live where we do!

Each move from around England and Belgium to around Spain and returning to England, we have felt that we were where we were for good reasons, guided each time to a place and people for the experience that would bring not just for our physical and mental growth but for the benefit of those we meet and of course the essential benefit of the Silent Witness.

So, the break with any place was never a problem always looking forward to the next set of challenges. Each move has involved healing in its many forms: from the bricks and mortar to the spiritual help needed for lost ones associated with the place to the physical, emotional and mental Well-being of those we met on all planes of existence

Not to say that we were often the instruments used to administer a kick in the pants to those who had gone astray through misinformation self-centeredness or just plain greed!

When you come across unkindness, often with the perpetrator having convinced themselves that it is their divine right to be so to their fellow men and women for their own good, as we have been subject to in the past, no matter how subtle or blatant your attempt to bring them to their senses and to break with their own tradition, often the only option left is just to break with them and walk away leaving them alone with their unkindness. It takes courage but in the end it is often the only recourse.

We try to keep up with the news, but when we see such unkindness and inhumanity on the screen in all its vivid reality brought to us in real time, really it is enough to break your heart! Often I just have to walk away from the news or turn the switch as I am, I admit, affected adversely by bad news even if seen in a scene of fiction. How about you?

Friends have either thrown away their Television set or do limit themselves to a specific viewing time or program not just for the children! We feel that we would be negating our purpose if we followed suit, since it is imperative to be in the world and therefore be cognisant of the daily happenings around us, but not part of the world. You understand?

To realise your own true purpose in this life will often mean a courageous break with your own recent past and tradition! How do you feel about that or have you already found your true purpose and made that break?

Summer Break takes on a new significance when you raise your sights to the level of Ascension. It can be adjudged as the Summer of Mankind where the true goal and purpose of us all comes together in the need for us all, when looking in the mirror, to realise who we are and how we need to progress in the world with the prospect of loneliness and no one else to blame or compare with other than ourselves!

We made the choice and although it split the country in half maybe, if we take up the challenge, it is all for the best so long as we maintain that expansion of the spiritual aspect of ourselves along the bright pathway leading us to where we have always been meant to be, in short: leading the world in spirituality. As before it takes courage and maybe, just maybe the only way forward for at least those of us islanders willing to tread the bright pathway.
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Let us hope David all things calm down as far as Brexit.. We have much progressing to do both in the physical and Spiritual.. xx


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