Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away
As death stared us in the face we hoped, no way!
But for all our glorious plumes and peaceful past
This time of freedom, only to finish in one fly past?

Some call yesterday glorious, but maybe the last
If we were unlucky enough to face a sure shot cast.
We had achieved greater things than man will know
We’ve flown above the plough, green fields and snow.

We needed no extra raiment, crowns or precious gems
Our feathers, flights and calls beyond any heightened hems
Better than the bald corpus that needs some covering
We live and love through all seasons flying or hovering.

You know who we are and we exist within your domain
For you have dominance over all, come shine or rain
But within that charge is light or darkness given reign
You, the masters of Earth must have care to avoid us pain.

Yours is the Caretaker of all, but still you slaughter
What if we were your son, mother or daughter?
Would you still see glory in our wanton killing
For the sake of your sport and of bellies filling?

You see us flattened on your tarmac roads
From speeding transport, please no odes!
All we ask is your awareness and attention
Cannot you cherish us, not just to shun?

The glorious twelfth will ever be until man is circumspect
And sees the need to treat all with honour and respect.
This must apply to his brothers too. What chance for us
When he continues his inhumanity to them, with a cuss?

In truth the curse we have outgrown and so have you
Though some still use it till, in the face they are blue.
How about blessing for a change? A new action:
Glory! Seeking compassion in every vibration.
© David Tenneson – 2016


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  1. Yes a poignant poem David.. Game Keepers everywhere should read this!…


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