Holiday! What’s that?
Perhaps a chance to allow the mind and body to relax from the cares and woes from work and everyday life in a new and pleasant place away from home?

‘Au Contraire’ and why would I be otherwise being a country boy at heart and long gone are the lazy summer days of my youth playing in the stream, damming and making false ponds to catch the little minnows! Now it’s just the many greens of the English countryside that hold my searching gaze.

But, for those able to afford a trip elsewhere there does indeed seem to be an attraction to water in its various forms, of oceans and inland lakes, rivers and streams. Of course it has been mooted that we are attracted to the element from which we all emerged, held as a point of remembrance in our DNA! I wonder?

There are some in this world who still do not know the meaning of the word holiday, originally ‘holy day’ to celebrate a day of religious significance and now a day of cultural or religious rest or observance, but in whatever language they speak in whatever country they happen to be by desire, by birth or by force, they know not!

Apparently slavery is alive in the world in the most surprising places where on the surface there is a thriving human rights movement looking outward to the rest of the world and not seeing what is happening in plain sight in their own backyard or the yards of the rich and famous neighbours.

The most wealthy of all are often the ones who still turn a blind eye to what has been accepted for generations in their families and despite the movements to free people the excuse is made that it takes time to bring a country with its roots in the Middle Ages to come into the 21st Century!

Let’s face it many in the past in countries like the UK, Spain, Holland and Portugal, to name a few, have made their fortunes out of the slavery of others and still continue to do so under the cover of the darkness of secrecy.

So it seems that even in this day and age man’s inhumanity to man is alive and well, where those who keep those who do not know the meaning of holiday or vacation, the keepers themselves cannot find the word compassion in their vocabularies because that would go against their historical practice of such a money saving pastime and their inherent right to dominate others!

So much for voicing my human rights feelings!

But I still find it hard to understand that someone so destitute who would travel to a foreign land in the hopes of working and earning enough to send money back home to support their family, only find themselves cast into modern day slavery with its consequent abuse on many levels by the promise of payment by cruel employers who have no intention of just reward or kindness.

Well, back to a well earned vacation, or so you thought!
With a p£unging Pound holidays are more expensive outside of our little island, but made in Britain is easier to sell abroad and so the Universe brings all into ba£ance again.

We wanted out by the slimmest of margins, so if we are so jealous of our own, perhaps the time has come to stay at home, build barriers round the coast and like Trump who would build a wall between the US and Mexico, we would feel more safe and secure!

I think not, for I believe that even if we were to activate article 50 and truly leave it would only be on the understanding that to preserve our links for trade we would also have to allow the Universal balance to provide free movement of people from EU to UK and UK to EU perhaps!

In all of this we have to ask: what happened to Oneness which maybe on a level unaccepted by most, but in order to come together in the process of Ascension in the spiritual sense there has to be a balance in the physical sense as well, so can we achieve that alone?

We wanted loneliness and we are already finding out what being alone means. ‘No man is an island’ and try as we might, even by going through a painful divorce we can never truly be on our own since like it or not we need others in order to exist, otherwise we die.

Building fences and walls is never the answer, Fortress Britain is a non starter and doomed to failure unless we accept the necessary presence of others in order to be successful ourselves, and of course to be able to enjoy a holiday wherever we choose to go in this world! What say you?

Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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6 Responses to HOLIDAY

  1. Whey—Hey—– think I caught up to my comments.. Loved my time here again David, I will try my best not to leave it so long.. Though these are perhaps my famous last words 🙂


  2. Yes we live in a sad world David.. My heart goes out to those who pour everything they have to escape the countries of their origins..And unless we have walked in their shoes, how can we ever begin to imagine how that feels..
    We are so very fortunate..

    Here within our town the local authorities stopped a soup kitchen on the local market days.. Saying there were no homeless in the town.. closing it down saying it was health and safety reasons..

    Today I drove along a ring-road almost in the town centre to see tents erected behind a small scrub-land separating both lanes of traffic.. Its awful to see the dejected heads bent low as I drove past..
    I wonder when these people last had a good meal… never mind a good holiday…

    A heartfelt post..
    Blessings Sue ❤


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