A bit late by all accounts and recalls
Been too busy to notice rises and falls
Of the old barometer and the glass
Making it fit for retirement at last!

Self sufficiency and labour saving
Leaving the time for living and playing.
Don’t forget the playing, all things joyful
To make your total living soulful.

Returned, our very first summer in Devon
Don’t forget to make allowance, your heaven
Allowance for playtime and joyfulness
In your growing and expanding awareness.

If the weather concerns you, make the most
Of time in nature, with this and other post
That guides you to achieve your happiness
Reaching for that level of consciousness.

As you witness the bounty of summer
Also look within to your own treasure,
Enabling your desire to manifest
From mind to reap and storing your harvest.

All to do in the outer world to make,
All inside needs is thought for your own sake.
Thought is magnetic and attracts the same
Just think of your desire, enhance the name.

Every day concentrate more and more
On your desire magnified to its core.
Enhance it: see it in the summer sun
Until it manifests and you have won!
© David Tenneson – 2016


About David

Devonian writer
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