In this penultimate day of July
As William said in cowslip bells I lie
All is said and done for now my dear friends
Another phase of restitution ends.

I relax and admire all of nature
Contemplating not of past or future
Sleeping in sweet perfume of her bowers
The heady scent of natural flowers.

What if! The way I need to forge ahead
Dreaming to die tomorrow in my bed!
How would I spend this day, knowing I’d die?
How would you spend this day knowing you’d die?

Would you join me dreaming of th’eternal?
In Logos Fire, but not the fire infernal
Or is that too long a stretch for your faith?
Is it so weak you are afeared by some wraith?

Fear not, there’s no such thing to dark your thought
When all who skirt death see light, but dark nought!
There’s no penultimate since time exists not
Best not to hesitate and tie that knot!

May it be to another or kerchief,
It matters not so long as action’s lief.
Of your own Free-will fulfilling desire
Into your future you will forge like fire.

If that future be the rite of passage
Step the threshold achieved at any age
Into Eternity or stay longer,
The Soul’s set up to remain and linger.

Is my Pen Ulti Mate really my friend?
More powerful than any may pretend?
Pen or sword it matters not, to face death
Looking forward in happiness and faith.
© David Tenneson – 2016


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to PENULTIMATE

  1. Arrgh David To BE or Not to BE.. 🙂 Loved your poem and I would BE if it were my last day, If possible drag myself up from my bed and savour the delights of a garden. Or open a window and listen to the bird song.. Knowing that when I closed my eyes I would transform into another beautiful sphere filled with much more beauty than I could BE hold..

    Loved your poem David.. Thank you


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