We all know that the future does not exist, but being human we can’t help wondering what it might hold for us. Eh? We even go to mediums to see what they can find out about our relationships in the present, our lives in the past and the best way forward with the overview of the spiritual possibilities of the future.

How many times did you hear the possible voters in the referendum say: Oh I wish I had a crystal ball! And now what next? There are certainly more unknowns and imponderables than if we had voted to remain and the main proponent of leaving having worked on it for twenty years has decided to quit, job done, nice!

There is no guarantee that we will in the medium or long term actually secede from the Union, as I said before there is many a slip twixt cup and lip, and I have a sneaking suspicion that there are more in the House wanting to remain than those wanting to quit, and it takes a majority vote to activate Article 50 in parliament. So who knows or is it wishful thinking?

It is a sad fact that even those who have benefitted most in the past, like say the Cornish fishermen, are more concerned with their quotas than being grateful for the bonus of belonging as they count the donations to their cause from the Union.

The farmers are in the same boat, but even there they have a split vote some pleased to leave and others wishing we’d all voted to stay. I have to ask, how could a country be so split virtually right down the middle?

We are already beginning to feel the pinch as the pound plummets and holidays to the continent we so abhor, apparently, are suddenly much more expensive.

Well, it is undoubtedly time for the British Spirit to show itself and we, all of us need to knuckle down and make what’s left work for us as best we can, after all the future depends on how we act today.

It is a great truism that if we want to change the world, our world, we have firstly to change ourselves! In a nutshell this means a change of attitude for most of us. In short, if we think that the world owes us a living we have to change that thought. If we thought that those from other countries do not belong here we need to look carefully at those who in various jobs have helped us out of the hole we dug for ourselves in 2008!

As in all walks of life, there are those who are legal and others who do not abide by rules, regulations and laws of the country in which they reside, but that is not for the likes of you and me to judge and we must leave that to those whose job it is.

My heart goes out to those in work or trying to find work in the UK just as the young in places like Greece and Spain find no jobs even though qualified and decide to take a gamble and try to find work in other countries. Can you blame them?

If there is no future for you, as far as you can see into the future, what will you do?

We have a shortage of teachers, of nurses and doctors so are we going to deny those from Europe or Africa, or the Philippines from fulfilling those essential posts to keep our country running smoothly and our National Health Service tending to all of our sicknesses, ailments and accidents?

The greatest sickness to me is the hatred which some openly display against any foreigners who now live in the UK or may join us in the future. Is that the future we want? I can only imagine that that kind of hatred is born out of the false fear for anything and anyone foreign which swayed the British public through the kind of rhetoric seen and heard from the leave campaigners, how sad that we should come to this!

I am saddened that the fear could have been latent in the minds of so many and given the opportunity to voice that fear in the hope to reinvent the Island Race by denying everyone else. That is not what I want, but it seems that I and my friends are in that slim minority of a mere 48% or there abouts of those who took the chance to vote!

I have the feeling that it will take at least one generation to bring us all to a Oneness of acceptance and respect for one another. The latter, respect being in my mind the most importance aspect of getting along with each other.

To respect the pathway and faith that others have chosen must be a part of their fundamental human rights which I believe is part of the God given right of Free-will. We are Unique and since there are so many of us why should there not be so many pathways to the Divine?

If we are allowed to practice these fundamental rights with the respect of others, I believe this is where future happiness lies for us all.

With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to FUTURE

  1. The more I view the world dear David as I try to detach from its political and Media hype.. The more I feel All our paths led us to this one.. As around we go in perpetual motion.. The Past is but being repeated..
    Until we learn that no Poll, no Government, No Religion will bring about that Oneness, until we understand that Oneness from within..
    May we all learn that our Future lays within our own Hands.. If we are to find Peace and Harmony with each other..
    love and Blessings
    Sue ❤


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