I remember being told to beware of my imminent house move which would be as traumatic as divorce! Having experienced both, divorce once and house moves fourteen times across the breadth of England, down to Spain moving there twice in twelve years, I thought nothing of the warning, convincing myself that it would be a piece of cake!

The divorce was of two reasonable adults who agreed to split our stuff straight down the middle with no predilections except to respect each other’s family things, so it was easy and all the other house moves were modest moves with no problems.

However the return journey, moving from Spain to England, proved to be as traumatic as can be, having to be parted partners for two months in order to manage affairs in both countries and then to downsize from Spanish Mansion to Devonshire Bungalow was a huge learning experience and we are still in its energetic thrall.

It makes me wonder about the consequences of the UK’s forthcoming divorce from Europe! Which if the result of the referendum is anything to go by with the vote split almost down the middle, could make any agreement on the terms of departure and the future relationship expectation to be difficult, fractious and practically impossible to find agreement!

It brings into stark reality, in the spotlight of truth, that we should be careful what we ask for, clear in our own minds, because the consequences of any request may never be clear until the result appears in practice, when it is too late to change.

In this case, unforeseen by the mass of the UK public whichever way they voted, was the consequent whetting of the appetite for self rule of many of the other members of the European family of nations and to question their membership also.

Warnings of this possibility were hailed as scare mongering instead of the wisdom of those who knew the intimate relationship of our friends and trading partners and had thought through the following nature of humanity.

However you voted and however the Divorce is finally realised, if indeed it ever comes to that in reality since there is many a slip twixt cup and lip, or maybe in the process itself, perhaps this is how the prediction that Britain would become Great again can be realised, not as a world power, but as a spiritual leader!

It is my feeling that as the sun goes down in the West on our European relationship, in the cognisance of the leading nature of the Transition Towns of which Totness in Devon was where that worldwide movement began, our return to Devon in the West Country, the land of my birth, is where the quest for happiness led me from Spain, through France, across the Channel and then following the setting sun across the south of England here to Chalice Cottage.

I have to say, not for the first time, this blessed land has been my home not only in the immediate past lifetime, but for other lifetimes in the distant past!

You, my reader, can therefore perhaps understand why I am convinced that I have really come home and for, I am assured, the last time on this Planet, when I shall be permanently divorced from any return to Planet Earth!

I wonder, yes, not in fear or trepidation but in the sure and certain knowledge that however the rest of the world reacts to the UK divorce from Europe, our own purpose is unfolding in the most wonderful way now that our own dust from the momentous move is settling and we begin to bask in the Grace of God, our Lord Logos leaving trails of glory wherever we go.

It is our fervent hope that all who are involved closely or as onlookers to these Divorce proceedings will find their own true purpose in this lifetime and follow, like us, their Quest to happiness.

The vote may have been democratic, but now we see the result and the consequent latent trauma of the Divorce I feel that there should have been a proviso that it could not be binding without at least 60% if not 75% of the votes for the winning side. Hindsight is great isn’t it?

I wonder how many are in regret at the moment just as Nigel Farage accuses the European parliament of being in denial! Rest assured, Divorce can be managed by two consenting partners and we must be strong in our resolve to get the best deal possible and perhaps this time the Lady May be Turning!
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Like any divorce David the aftermath is always the hardest to conquer. With insults being slung from both parties here and overseas.. And yet like your good self did not you find happiness again?
    I am certain as I am with most things that happen in this reality that All things have purpose and all things are set in place for a reason.. As yet this is to unfurl..
    But already I feel that from this Divorce, Unity will after the dust has settles will drive this great nation to become all that it is and ever was..

    And I loved how you wove this piece together David..
    Love and Blessings

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  2. William Lambert says:

    Well written, David. William


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