There comes a time in the annals of man
To each of us when we no longer can
Do what we need to do, to survive
We need the specialist to help us arrive.

This is the day when I meet the specialist,
The one to help me joust through the list
Of harm that try as I will I cannot overcome
Exercise, food change, supplement, all done!

Experience shows a need for combination
Of good food, exercise, mind and body action
All in profusion of interest and variety
A small libation, but overall sobriety!

The planet provides and in our omnivory
We can choose the ingredients in our story.
However, today’s the day in my own pen
When I need to bait the lion in his den.

A doctor, but known as Mister now
The Specialist, will no doubt tell me how
I need to be cut to preserve my health
Or, softly: no need, for now, in stealth!

For interest and variety I am the jester
Jack of all trades, but none the master!
I took advantage of every life’s experience
Cooking, classics, Shamanism and science.

Advice is easy to give, even if unwanted,
In truth you need to see what’s wanted!
Looking within is the only sure way
Where lie all your answers on the in tray.

You can be your own specialist in all
The subjects of your choosing to call.
Until, like me, you need the one above
Your ability to seek a cure, or one to love?

The one to bring the happiness you seek
Whether you are the type to be bold or meek
The sure way to happiness is not to seek aid
Outside, but from within, so be not afraid!
© David Tenneson – 2016


About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to SPECIALIST

  1. Excellent Poem David.. Sometimes we all need to see those kind of specialists and take heed of their advice.. And I am sure you will take all on board within your journey my friend.
    Love and Healing thoughts sent my friend


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