This month of July, named after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar being the month of his birth, renamed from Quintilis.
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Being the middle month of summer when we do hope for, nay expect good weather to go with our cucumber sandwiches, according to Eric Cantona, and not washed down with warm beer, but Pimm’s on the lawns of Merry England! Or perhaps journeying to France for the Footie!

Is this the sort of thing that brings you happiness?

Time then to think of the many things that make you happy, but most of all the inner joy that comes from your elevated level of consciousness!
Having been through the trauma of the Referendum it is the moment to take our minds back to the purpose which apart from personal experience for the benefit of the Soul we need to realise the importance again of Ascension.

Ascension has been the Quest of mankind for many centuries now and just to reiterate the need: it is the prime deliberation which we will all come to, eventually, to recognise the spiritual aspect in all our beliefs of whatever faith we follow.

Of course that also goes for those who follow no recognised faith and call themselves atheist or indeed agnostic or perhaps of no following at all! Since at the very basic level of our being we are all the same, part of the consciousness of the same source!

That goes for every human on the Planet including those who are challenged in the various ways of physical, mental or the emotional aspects of our body and mind and also those who are ill to the point of confinement to bed at home, in hospital or hospice.

Since consciousness has no form and we do not have words further to explain its content it must come down to an understanding which only manifests in our Mind, synonymous with Spirit and Consciousness with a moment by moment recognition of the Logos, the Source of all there is.

Although this quest has been ensuing for hundreds if not thousands of years we cannot look back except to see where we personally have come from in this life alone, however, the conscious recognition will only come to light in the present moment, whenever that happens for each of us.

It’s a bit like practicing Meditation and wondering if you are in fact meditating and you will no doubt be aware that if that thought passes through your mind then you can safely say that you are not meditating!

Similarly you may practice in various ways to bring the true Yoga into being when mind and body become one as the many Masters have done throughout history searching for enlightenment.

The quest is like finding the first rung of Jacob’s ladder and the novice will believe that they have reached their goal, but not so, for having reached the first rung the second comes into sight and so on and so on.

Or in our terms we have to start at the Base Camp or Centre and could be there for a long time while we get acclimatised and lo and behold the second or Sacral Centre looms before us and so on, and as with the ascending of any high peak to soar to the apex in one swoop would no doubt incur serious physical and possibly mental damage.

July could be looked upon as the central month of summer as the Heart Centre is seen as the Central Centre, but out of reach until Ascension has brought us to that level. Although out of reach for a time its Beingness should always be held in the Consciousness as an essential aspect of Ascension no matter what level we have achieved, just as we look forward to that middle month of Summer, here in the northern hemisphere.

The experience of this life enables the Soul to experience the many aspects of human life: the interrelationships, emotional clashes, physical and mental disagreements, aggressions and violence of all shapes and colours.

Throughout all of our experience Love, as the main aspect of the heart, should be held most dear in all our dealings, relationships and yearnings to ascend as we bring the spiritual aspect of all we survey into the mind consciousness and Spirit.

With Love from Hanukah & the Angel


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