Are you one of those to whom it has been remarked that you have your head in the clouds as a derogatory accusation?
Or perhaps more kindly with feet on the ground and head in the clouds? Read on!

I am going back in time to bring the following Poem which I wrote in 1997.
Brought to mind from the last post with the need to mend and heal, the potential within us all, after casting our votes!


Plunged into darkness the Divine Plan is awakened.

In the warm, moist, darkness of the womb of Earth an acorn sends out
its first root tendrils searching and exploring for food and water.
Further into darkness, further into earth.
The urge to fulfill its inner potential, the oak tree within.

The first feeble stem with twin leaflets breaks through
the surface of the earth and into light, into the blazing,
life giving light of the sun.
It seeks the light.

Its growth is slow, a little at a time, it grows in strength,
it puts out more leaves, it develops branches,
it experiences every season, every year of its life.
And it remembers.

It produces seed each year and has the potential
to reincarnate itself many times.
It develops the wisdom of ages.

It grows into a symbol of strength, it lives for many,
many years and has within itself the power to heal.
Giving of itself to others in a life of total service.

Keeping its feet firmly anchored to the earth and its head
in the clouds ever reaching upwards into light.
It aspires to the heaven world.

But what or who is this we speak of, does this not ring
a bell of remembrance?
For is not the seed of man plunged into the womb of darkness
upon the Earth, and when partly developed bursts forth
into the light of the sun?

To live life anchored to earth with aspiration to the light.
Is this not the way?

The development of wisdom through experience,
the opportunity to return and the inherent
potential within to heal.
Is this not the truth?

A life of true experience living each day in the cosmic moment,
in the now, the way the oak tree knows how.
Is this not the life?

What lesson then can man learn from the oak?
It is that man is part of the whole, not just the oak, for it is said:
“we cannot pluck a flower without the disturbing of a distant star.”

Can you see man in oak?

When you see man in all things,
this is the way, the truth, and the life.

© David Tenneson – 1997


About David

Devonian writer
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