The die is cast!

Time to get on with life! 

Whether you are happy with the outcome or not there will always be disagreement! How could it be otherwise? Each of us is unique which is how true democracy is supposed to work for the good of all, apart of course from the many hidden agendas which promote such disagreement to the point of aggressive mudslinging and distortion of the facts as seen through different eyes and witnessed in the two campaigns, and within the two campaigns themselves, leading up to the opportunity for us all to cast our votes. 

The rhetoric designed perhaps just to confuse us all, to the point of not wanting to trust either side, therefore not wanting to waste time and energy to cast a vote? 

When two such parties, each having enjoyed the position of government, find themselves on the same side of this fundamental argument does that not tell you something? Where do they find themselves now? More to the point where do you find yourself now? 

How come small minorities have found power to influence through the fears naturally felt but not expressed until the daring of this campaign gave them the platform of expression? Did they learn from Trump? 

Where did love go in the midst of such anger and distortion through misplaced Nationalism? Was it too damning for either side to bring love into the argument or to influence the casting to the ballot box? 

No doubt we would be told that there is no room for love in the face of such an important referendum which will affect generations to come. 

It was said that the outcome of the casting was too close to call, but if there was a genuine desire for peace in this world, in my mind such a desire does not fit well with the wish for isolation in all its obvious faces once, finally, after a probably painful and lengthy divorce we are to find ourselves alone again!  

How powerful was that supposed to invite us to be? 

So how powerful do you feel now? How powerful do the politicians of either camp feel in the situation they find themselves having lost or won?

How could members of the same party demand the resignation of their leader when all he was trying to do was to lead the people of this country to the right vote to cast, for their sake and for the sake of future generations? 

Was this just another attempt to weight the die to be cast in their favour?

Or a deliberate ploy, yet again, to confuse the cast through management by fear? Perhaps we should take a fly out of the fisherman’s box where when all is said and done the art of a good cast is in the swing, so they say! Did your vote influence a swing of fear to leave the table? 

No doubt they and hopefully you will sleep soundly in their/your beds whichever way the final die was cast for they did what they considered was right according to their conscience! And I guess we did too if we took the opportunity to cast our vote. 

Time to get on with life, with no recriminations for those who voted your way or the other way, for each of us has had the chance to use Free-will, the fundamental gift which many still do not understand being not of conscience, but of consciousness! 

With Love from Hanukah & the Angel 

PS. What next? July and a Summer, hopefully made glorious with all the following summers for our children and grandchildren to enjoy in isolation and in which we may hopefully, all find happiness …


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One Response to CAST

  1. I think dear David all of what is happening via the political arena and how people are reacting in the world is part of a global change that has to occur to bring forth such love and compassion.. Sometimes the old establishments and for that matter our perceptive views which we are all so often conditioned by the influences of others has to be challenged and pulled apart in order for something new to take shape..
    Throughout history we have seen it happen again and again in revolution after revolution.. The problem is it has only been replaced with grand ideas that then gradually turn into greed again..

    The more I see our Human selves in action, the more I desire to vacate , so I am concentrating upon LOVE my good friend.. this is the teachings we were told so long ago to follow. Yet we humans have even distorted that message to twist for its own gain.

    I feel the same as you do dear David.. I wonder how far down the rabbit hole we will all travel before we find what we are looking for..
    The Clock is ticking and I feel maybe we could also be too late.. I hope not. for I hope that as tragic events happen around our globe, stop our bickering and trivial arguments to join hearts that pull us together instead of dividing us.. It is not going to be an easy ride for any of us.
    But ride it we must, I still feel those in the Higher realms while maybe watching in detatchment will be close at hand all the same to help those whose vibration is rising.
    We live in interesting times, even though troubling, I have faith in the Power of LOVE.


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