DIE (After the referendum)
The die is cast and we are lost or won
Is it that we remain part of the One?
Perhaps, after all, it is all for the best
At least we can get on with life and rest!

Rest? Surely not, there’s much to do
Time will take the change to happen
If change is what we voted for, did you?
Or remain in the game, knowing for certain!

So in your choice, were you the gambler?
Or in terms of voting are you a fumbler?
Who amongst us has a crystal ball?
To predict may be unwise, that’s all!

But in this short piece we did assess
That remain we would if under duress!
Difficult is just the pessimism for challenge
For win we shall, since we chose this melange.

In the Universal greater scheme of things
We are all Tolkien’s Lords of the Rings
Or in our case we are the Lords of Time,
Spanning the ages in prose and rhyme.

Where we are in the world is home!
Settled now, we will no longer roam.
Whether in or out home is here,
Where the heart is, the hearth is near.

Whatever changes, familiar or unknown
We all search for Happiness to own
Whatever the die has provided outside
True happiness lies not out but in, inside!

Regardless of the roll of the dice
Now is the time for men and mice.
For best laid plans in the coming age,
To mend and to heal take thyme and sage!

Look not therefore for wealth or magic.
What you search for comes not with logic,
But a searching for the inner self to guide,
Your path is clear and yours alone to ride!
© David Tenneson 2016.


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Devonian writer
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4 Responses to DIE

  1. Excellent Poem David.. I will continue upon my inner path dear David for to follow any other is as I see the world turning folly.


  2. Thank you, David, for this poem that says it …all. Will we, the foreigners living in the UK (*and enjoying it!) tell this great Nation … “Is Your path clear now? Don’t forget is it yours and yours alone to ride!”. May the best win and may we all be saved from the storm.

    With love and light.



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