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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death … And so on, says the Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glamis and King? In the Scottish Play.

In this season of the Bard may we not be the users of his famous words?
This season of another possible sea change, but real and in the hands of us all tumultuous! Are you looking to be king in your own land?

Tomorrow is indeed the day when we are given the chance to make that choice to choose whether to stay or to leave. We make this same choice many times in a lifetime, but this time it has a greater import which could affect us and our children’s children, maybe in fact for generations.

Few of us had minds made from the very beginning of this long and passionate argument and there have been many disagreements between those of the same house or party.

So, my friend where do you stand?
Is your mind made up assuredly or unknowing are you content to waste your vote like sweetness on the desert air? Are you that rose by any other name?

Today then is the last day for that making of the mind which could be the penultimate day of remaining or a new day, of a frightening prospect for leaving into the unknown, like not only leaving but leaping into the abyss!

I know which I shall choose despite the rhetoric which tends if anything to cloud the vision and confuse the mind and send the imagination into overdrive when prophets of doom say it how they see it as it is or could be and those who would prefer to leave tell how it might be to be free!

What freedom is in the unknown? It frightens me and I am at peace to stay and enjoy what I know, preferring to argue and to lead by example from within.

One asks me to be logical and look to the consequences of awkward action while the other paints a rosy glow of freedom. I have had my fill of freedom if that means being alone as it surely might and I hope not foolishly leading me to a dusty death too soon. How about our MEPs, have they had no say? How about you? Is your mind made and will you say?

When we look at the wider context, the idea of Oneness implies a coming together, in other words a widening of the European Family rather than a splitting into its component parts and from that standpoint the view is one of us remaining and of welcoming others joining to enjoy the benefits of the humanitarian laws which we will continue to make together.

There is an inbuilt fear fostered by those who wish to stand alone, who try to influence us all with the supposition that anything which is different to us must be dangerous. Why do we fear other faiths when we should treat others with respect and glory in the many pathways to the Divine?

When so many wars have been fought in the name of God do you not think that we need to welcome those of other faiths into our own homes, sharing what we have with love, respect and honour, regardless of their colour, language or past history when we might have been sworn enemies?

Let us leave our yesterdays in the past where they belong!

This is the 21st Century, let us all behave like true Citizens of the World and prepare a world view for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow! They say that travel broadens the mind, but what if the world was to come to us? Would we not benefit in a multitude of ways?

This is a Free-will Vote and no Angel, Guide or Master would try to sway us as the unwritten Law of the Universe is that there can be no infringement or bending of our Free-will one way or the other.

So, praying will not help, as in so many instances it is down to us and our democratic majority to decide.
Good luck to us all!
With Love from Hanukah


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3 Responses to TOMORROW

  1. It seems free will has spoken.. Now we await as the world reals in shock. Keeping LOVE in my heart David for ALL for we all of us are ONE ..


  2. Think before you choose, dear Sons and Daughters of Albion. Know that all of us, the foreigners, look at you and we are “not amused”, to quote one of your most colonialist sovereign.
    Remember that the United Kingdom(s) are no longer isolated islands in the Sea of the North. You accepted (with pleasure?) to let foreign food and strange clothing appear in your dwellings, whether some of you still hunker for Fish and Chips and Tartans, this all is now part of YOUR culture as well.
    Think before YOU choose and may WE all win.
    Good luck tomorrow.
    With light and love.


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    • David says:

      Words of wisdom as usual from a born Continental. Thank you Eugene, With so much confusing rhetoric around I truly wish that those who vote will take the time to take in the words of wisdom freely available to all. Love, David

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