Some of us still fight for the right
Just as the Blackbird in mating flight
Two with polished black feathers fly,
Sharp yellow beaks peck at others eye.

Some are gentler in their display
To attract a mate come what may
Birds of Paradise have a special tree
Showing off plumes in a dancing spree.

They have all found their own way
While we do all to keep others at bay
If I may ask, which one are you-er?
Are you a violent or gentle wooer?

Each bird or beast has a set routine
We being unique will set our own scene
What is the costume you would wear?
Selecting your scene for passion to air?

When all is said and matching done,
Would you revert to passion undone?
Retreat to your man cave, peacock no more
Or get horribly out of it, sleep on the floor?

That’s not like you, you’re above that, eh?
Care for your partner together make hay!
Caring and sharing all chores and joys
All transparent with no hidden ploys.

So, extend your com-passion to all that you meet
Is the way to go, all and sundry to greet
Be the first to salute, smile and hail halloo!
Lead by example and they’ll come to you.

© David Tenneson 2016.


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Devonian writer
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