Are you aware of your community?
How far does it extend? Is it just your immediate neighbours, those in your street or the whole of your village, town or city?
OK, so these questions are just to awaken you to the extent of your connections with others and the prospect of seeing beyond the boundaries which you yourself have set according to your own feelings, beliefs and the state of your mind.

There are some who like the hermits of old, and sadly for some there are a dwindling number of places into which a modern hermit could retreat apart from ashrams or monasteries, but even there you would not be alone, as the world shrinks, then there are those of us who cannot face the prospect of going beyond their own front door or gate!

We believe that our method of living although diverse across the globe is in its diversity unique. But hang on a second, there are many other communities which exist in much the same way as human communities do but hidden in plain sight.

Out of sight and therefore out of mind?
The more we know of the communities that surround us the more we can enrich our own existence. There are many ways in which scientists are learning from nature and using their simple structures and methods of being in so many ways to enhance our building techniques, for instance: our methods of simple fastening like the leaps from the button through the zip to Velcro!

The communities of which we speak are of course those of the natural world which largely stay the same, in addition to those of humankind which change with time. But I digress! Nevertheless they, all other communities, deserve your awareness, recognition and respect. No?

So how do you view the future?
With the chance to vote in the UK, in probably the most important referendum for a century, are you swayed by the in or the out camp or are you of sufficient cognisance to be aware of the need to remain part of the whole or to strike out on our own into a different world than when we were last alone in the past?

In particular: If your world was to change to the extent that people from other lands suddenly became your neighbours, how would you view that?
Would you welcome them as your long lost sisters and brothers and would you help them all you could to become part of this world, this community so strange to them?

Before you answer in your own mind, think for a moment about the wider, spiritual context of the questions posed above.

If you would favour leaving your European family, is that not the same as leaving your own biological family with similar consequences? And another thought: would leaving a family, which as we all know does not always agree with each other all of the time, be contrary to the principle of Oneness?

If you divorce, you relinquish a great deal of your power but if you stay in a relationship you have a better chance of changing from within to the betterment of the relationship or community as a whole.

You may think that we have overstepped the boundary into the political arena here, but just consider for a moment: It was said by a Master many moons ago that Britain would become Great again, not in the manner of Empire but in the Spiritual sense!

There have been some stepping stones on the way to this position of leadership, not leadership by fear, power or threats but by example.
Your example!
The world came together in grief at the death of Princess Dianna in 1997 with thousands of tributes left in London.
The world came together in peaceful competition at the Olympic Games in London 2012 and tributes on its success were given across the globe, there have been other less momentous events in the past leading up to these world acknowledged events and let me say there have been many unreported meetings and departures, whose influence on other channels than the physical, have also had an impact on all of us. It’s the old chestnut of: the thought that comes into the mind which prompts you suddenly to say, ‘where did that come from?’

Do you consider it worth throwing this essential history away when the path for humanity is to come together in harmony and not to divorce in discord under a false sense of patriotism?

I am not a political person by nature, but: I believe passionately in the prescribed pathway for humanity, the Pathway of togetherness, in short Oneness which we can best achieve in a position of interest and leadership from within a community rather than in the inevitable struggle from without!

Some of us have been able to hear the still small voice within to guide us on our path and maybe now is the time to listen to the many powerful voices from without, together from within encouraging us to remain a member of one of the greatest organisations, which could be an even greater Community with us within, in a position to lead by example.
Enjoy your Community in Love from Hanukah & the Angel


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