LION on 4th JUNE

LION on 4th JUNE
In like a Lion, so it goes
June explodes like the roar
Of the king as a tantrum throws
Warmth arrives this time on the four!

Our little home takes shape
Gains from solar in many ways
Energy builds like a comforting cape
Warmer winds causing the sways!

We are amazed at the comfort
With no heating ‘cept from the sun,
In a supposedly cold country court
We’ll soon be ready for all and some.

With shapes shifting inside and out
Spring turns to glorious summer
And all for the better we’d like to shout
In tune with the beat of the drummer!

Are you king in your jungle home?
Are you the one who calls the shots?
Or do you go with the flow, alone,
Leading by example, loving lots?

Instruction can at best be hollow
Shine your light for all their seeing,
Allowing them to maybe follow
Along the path they’ve all been seeking.

In their eyes you are their only king
Your lion’s mane and beard the mantle
Your message will now truly ring
As you lead them forth in manner gentle!
© David Tenneson 2016.


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