It is a fact that in order to see clearly where you are going it is the greatest help to know where you are coming from! Of course this implies that you know yourself well, to the point that what you believe to be your true origin may not in fact be true!

Many of us have doubtful origins from adoption to uncertain parentage all together having been sold a story which we have no reason in our youth to doubt, but which to save face may be a total fabrication by the older generation.

Why is it important since it is all in the past?
The point is that along with the little white lie which can grow into huge proportions there can be unwanted baggage which we are fed and accept as our own but which is in fact of others.

How can this happen? You may ask. Before you are born the feelings and beliefs of your mother, even a surrogate, are fed to you by the consciousness of the parent to your consciousness in the womb. This occurs from the time when the embryo has achieved growth to the level of being able to sustain life on delivery, which varies from person to person.

This is why there is no hard and fast rule as we are all unique and what applies to one may have no bearing for another. Just imagine the feelings of a surrogate mother having all the feelings of a pregnant woman for about nine months or so and then having to give up the child when it is born, having unknowingly downloaded so to speak her own feelings to the child from her own background.

These feelings are certainly not the child’s and there may be no way of coming to terms face to face with the biological parent as the child grows and is competent to question what is held within.

This is where it is necessary for us all to become masters of our minds in order to know what is truly ours and what has been loaded into our own consciousness by others at the many different levels of our formative years both in the womb and thereafter.

This is the time when honesty needs to be crystal clear in our own mind to accept or deny that which we have accepted as our own throughout our whole life to the time when we make this essential journey within, which can of course happen at any age of reason.

Needless to say there needs to be an element of courage not envisaged before perhaps, believing that this level of inner honesty and bravado would only be called upon in the extreme circumstance of say a life threatening situation!

Nevertheless it is demanded now, as we speak if you are ready to become the explorer in the minefield of mind as you traverse the corridors of consciousness. Remember that your feelings will lead you to your true beliefs which are your own and not what you have come to believe as yours.

This may seem like old news but rest assured that it is so essential that it is worth repeating until the message sinks home and you realise how important it is.

Like we humans in totality every consciousness is unique and so some of us are better equipped to make this journey than others since a consciousness may be strong or weak and this will be reflected in the images which intrude into the meandering through mind which is a bit of a contradiction since mind is consciousness!

It’s a bit like meditation to the uninitiated, when those images appear it is best to let them fade and disappear rather than to give them the power to sustain by concentrating on them or trying to get rid of them.

You know what happens when you try to get rid of the cork that floats into the calm pool of your mind, it just bobs up even stronger and more persistently than if left to drift away on the slight breeze of dismissal.

It is important to distinguish between erroneous thoughts and those beliefs which are no longer yours to keep. The erroneous thoughts you leave alone, but the beliefs need searching scrutiny to decide exactly what it is, where it came from and whether to keep or discard and replace with your own.

This can be a difficult exercise when you have a dominant elder who has implanted in your consciousness their ideas and beliefs which no longer serve your life purpose.

Let’s face it, these are from the past and need to be left where they belong leaving you free to enjoy the moment of Now on your own terms!
This not to say that you must dwell on the past, but just to find out what you are holding on to from the past and whether it is right for you now.
Of course the ideas we have held from our past, which in the light of experience we no longer need, involve a simple change of mind which is how we grow!
Enjoy your journey in love from Hanukah & the Angel


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