In the merry month of May,
When April showers fade away,
We look forward to the summer sun
When we can bask and be one.

The time of cherry blossom in Japan,
In the merry month of March it ran
Ahead of ours blooming in April showers
When birds were busy building bowers.

Such a simple event is our delight
When we enjoy the fade to twilight.
Enjoying the warmer evenings met
Together watching the glorious sunset.

Friends and acquaintances
No matter what their stances,
All are welcome to come and share
These peaceful moments laid bare.

More secrets exposed in confidence
Problems halved over the garden fence
Some secrets hide behind the smiling face
Too revealing to share despite the grace.

What’er we have, what’er we live is ours
Whatever happens, do not count the hours.
We are here where we have chosen to be
So be happy in your own choice, like me.

You chose it so be joyful in your choice,
You can tell the world and give it your voice.
What’er you decide tomorrow you made
So be merry, be happy and never fade!

© David Tenneson 2016.


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to MERRY MAY

  1. What a delightful Poem David.. and where on earth did May go? 🙂 Looking forward to flaming June lol..haha..
    Enjoy your week David.. Love and Blessings


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