(Following ‘X’ Marks the Way)

A Hooked X, see it in its dimensions
A Cross roads in the physical? Oh yes!
The point of choice on your mental pathway,
Only direction spiritually? Yes!

The only direction is to the right
And to the north of the X past the hook.
Right being in the correct direction
North being upper, elevated, look!

Transposed from physical to spiritual
This is your only true path to follow
In Ascension for these generations.
Will you take up the challenge, the flow?

Are you a leader or a follower?
Will you show the way by your example
For the rest to be jolted out of sleep
Realise: greed is not good or ample!

This has been the quest for generations
For a thousand years or maybe more
Fleeing persecution, crossing oceans
The message was carved in stone to endure.

Why do religions try to prove others wrong?
This message includes all religions or none,
Safe then, for all to follow their own heart.
Do you have the courage to follow and be One?

Being One is not being One with others,
Being One is being One with yourself,
Knowing who and what you are within you.
Are you ready and hooked, to come off the shelf?
© David Tenneson 2016.


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