I asked the question last time: What part are you playing today?
Having expounded on the reality of Ascension from time to time, perhaps the time has come to talk of other things. Or as the Carpenter said: The time has come to talk of many things!

Many of us are indeed concerned about the need to adhere to the regime of the Ascension process and concentrate not to say meditate on the spiritual side of that necessary function for the human race, at the exclusion of the desperate need to ensure that the base of all effort is in fact in good working order and rude health before approaching the higher states of being.

In other words we all need to ensure that we spend time and effort on the mind and body to give that stable platform, as best we can depending on our individual needs and possibilities, on which to base our higher learning, enlightenment and Ascension. There is no reason why a person confined to a hospital bed should not be able to do this as well as someone who attends the gym or church three times a week.

I have mentioned base a few times and it is there that we must begin our daily routine, just in fact like going down to the gym, or building a secure foundation for any building. Except that we need not to go outside of ourselves, but to begin this essential process within, which is why our sibling in the hospital bed should not be less equipped than the rest of us.

If we have been able to show due diligence in knowing ourselves then we will know more about our inner workings than most. The Base is the start of it all, the foundation of our physical, mental and spiritual selves.

This fundamental Chakra, subject while still in the womb to the energies of the mother so much so that when we are born we are loaded with the base feelings, energies and beliefs of the Mother and thereafter of our carers or not, whoever they may be so that our foundation is that of others and not our own.

The whole of our Chakra system is based upon the Base. Without a secure Base charged with our own feelings and beliefs, the rest cannot function and enlightenment will be out of reach.

To imagine that we can leap from base to crown in one giant, light bound leap is a false premise and can be dangerous!

The present day is all about the quest for mankind that involves work of a kind to which most of us are unused. It may seem an impossible task to discover our true beliefs and to sort those of others from our own, but if you are willing to put in the hours you will reap the benefits in the most amazing way.

It requires a degree of honesty which we often look for in others but rarely ascribe those same levels of integrity to ourselves. We need to be certain of our honest, real feelings about every aspect of our life, our relationships and our true belief in ourselves.

Why? Because our true and honest feelings will guide us unerringly to our own beliefs. And I mean our own true beliefs and not those which we have agreed, albeit erroneously, to take on as ours. The rest are not ours and here we come to the difficult bit: It is the recognition that much of what we thought were our beliefs we have to let go of for they are not us, since these beliefs belong to someone else or maybe a host of others, but let them go we must! Some could be our own, but no longer relevant to us today so they too need to go into the recycle bin!

How many times do we put on a face to please or not to hurt the feelings of others when we should really show who we are and speak the truth as we see it, feel it and believe it as kindly as possible?

We surely have disliked those who say it as it is, even to the point of hurting our own feelings when in hindsight we may find that they were our best friend, advisor or kick in the pants in the right direction to wake us up to our reality of the present moment?

It may take years for us to come to this realisation, as many friends can attest, but usually that is because we have neglected to know ourselves or the buzz word at the moment is probably mindfulness. In knowing yourself it is also an acknowledgement of the process of thought and how your own mind works.

The most fundamental physical act at which most of us are poor, to say the least, is the act of breathing. We are, in the main, bad breathers taking short shallow breaths, whereas we need to belly breath, watching the belly swell as the lungs take in a deep breath to a count of four, hold for seven and exhale to eight. To begin with you may find it more comfortable to take each movement to a count of four and work up to the desired levels above of 4, 7 and 8. The expanding lungs involve the movement of the diaphragm up and down which at the same time gives us an internal massage of our essential organs. Bonus time! Who needs the gym?

Well, to continue and to be honest it takes courage to begin this process and it is therefore not for the faint hearted! Courage to admit to yourself that what you thought were your beliefs, but were in fact those of say, your opinionated elders is paramount. In disseminating the wheat from the chaff of thought: knowing yourself, where you came from, where you are and where you are going is essential.
To find out where you came from, if known the eldest aunt in the family is your best bet!
For the moment we will leave you to begin and assemble your thoughts and look forward to your continued presence here with Hanukah & the Angel
PS. Your comments and questions are welcomed.


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