(Following Which Way)

You will often hear that X marks the spot
Especially where treasure is concerned
No need at all to get bothered and hot
To approach the fire and get fingers burned.

It is true you are a Spark of the Fire
Lost in amnesia, remembering not
Allowing the Spirit, you to inspire!
Do you follow signs, or keep to your spot?

Many have left signs for us to follow
Hooked X from Templars carved in old boulders
Hoping to show others the way to flow.
Since obscured by zealous, pious shoulders!

X marks the Way for us all on the ground,
Not where it has been found but everywhere.
Remember, as many a fish has found
That once hooked there is no return. Unfair?

Not so, this is your true path to the light
The salvation for the whole of mankind.
Look within, understand: no wrong or right
The path to save us is for you to find!
© David Tenneson 2016.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to ‘X’ MARKS THE WAY

  1. I hope as more people open their hearts dear David they hit the spot known as Love and compassion.. Lovely poem my friend.. and I so thank you for your loyal support..


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