What part are you playing right now?
Is it familiar and do you think you have been this way before?
In say a similar role and do you have the complete feeling of déjà vu?
So many in the west are feeling that they have been here before, confirming the well known and accepted understandings of reincarnation in the east.

This is a difficult concept for some to take, but then something like the possibility of other life forms in the universe which was a no-no in the past with the filling of our screens with such things as Star Wars and Star Trek and the UFO sightings and flacks, round the world, we are becoming used to that inevitable choice which I believe we need to accept as we prepare ourselves for the equally inevitable journey to the stars which we will need to take when we have taken all that our home Planet has to give!
Even Stephen Hawking has come round to this view for continued existence of the human race.

Did you think that we are the first ones having to take such a journey?
Let me let you into a secret: this is a pattern repeated round the Universe and there are few beings who accept a Planet as it is, much as our brothers in the Amazon Jungles do. A lesson that the rest of us have refused to learn here on Planet Earth! Always wanting more and more.

When you look at such places as Kobekli Tepe in Turkey which has been excavated over the past 14 years and only now archaeologists are coming round to the possibility of more advanced beings having had a hand in its construction! Or the beautiful Petra in Jordan? Which it has now been shown to have another story below ground.

I have a question for the archaeologists involved in Kobekli Tepe:
Have they found any evidence of glass around the circular structures in the complex, which is estimated as being 10,000 + years old?

It certainly required an advanced intelligence to understand the cliff into which the structure of Petra was carved and the depth to which it could be excavated deep enough, but not to cause any collapse! Deep enough for what and what was its purpose? Any ideas? Hint: Temple or Tomb.

Both these and others beggar the question: When will those who investigate these wonders use a little common sense in the course of their digging into the past. And for that matter when will we with all our technology come up with a more accurate method of dating for the ancient wonders of the world than the carbon fiasco?

Let’s face it, we have been given enough clues since it is accepted that even our biggest and most modern lifting machines could not have engineered Stone Henge or the Pyramids and yet Edward Leedskalnin was able on his own to build the Coral Castle in Florida lifting megaliths of many tons and not allowing anyone to see him while he worked using, he is quoted as saying: Magnetism!

Are you getting the picture?
So, having given these sights the benefit of your say, imaginative meditative experience, have you been able to feel a relationship with any of these wonders of the world to the point of the part you may have played in their construction?

No? Neither have I, for those mentioned here, but a sneaking suspicion that elsewhere I have been given information from many sources that indeed I have been here before as my book Journey Through Many Lifetimes will attest to a few, and others learnt of since publication.

Where to next I wonder, since I and many friends and acquaintances have information that we have done all we can on Planet Earth and our destiny next time round will be elsewhere in the Universe.

So, where would you like to go next and what part do you yearn to play?

With love, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. WONDERFUL Post David.. so many things which history tries to cover and contradict… Also hide..

    When you truly wake up to all of this information and sense what is Disinformation you SEE..

    And I am so pleased you too have been told this is our last Earth Journey.. 🙂 Me too.. So many planets we humans have yet to imagine.. And those who tell us we are the only life.. Well… Bah Humbug!..

    I hope I have done enough rounds on Earth to learn enough lessons in the material realm.. Oh for some LIGHTER paths.. Maybe a sphere next time around merging energies with peaceful souls will do..

    Loved this read David.. Thank you


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