Which way do I go to reach happiness,
What do I need to get, to be happy?
You have all you need in your consciousness,
You need nothing more to make you happy!

How can that be? I may make the reply.
I am poor and alone except for those
Who always want more, but my roof is sky!
I worry about past and all I chose.

The past is gone all you did is the seed
For it gave the experience you need.

I care about future, which way to go.
The unknown future, it does not exist,
Be present not future or long ago.
In ‘Now’ can you create how to persist.

How can I do that, Spirit in the sky,
I am weak and helpless, what can I do?
I am at a loss and all goes awry.
Look within and you will find your own clue.

You are everything you will need to be
Both now and in your future, come what may.
Remember be present, become wary,
Aware of everything and every way.

Which way becomes your own pathway to joy
It is only of consequence to you,
To no other and with no other ploy,
Your own life, path and route to the real you.
© David Tenneson 2016.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to WHICH WAY

  1. Thank you, David, for reminding us that what we need to be happy is often in the haversack we have filled with all the experiences of our past. What we do with its contents is our personal savoir-faire and at the end of the journey we will have the proof of the validity of our choices.

    Every day is the ONLY “D” day we will know, so, let’s make the best of it.

    Love and Light to you, my Friend, and to all those who will read your post.

    Eugene .


    • David says:

      Many thanks Eugene, Indeed as they say we need to choose with care knowing we build our future with every choice made. Love, David


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