If you have been to the theatre recently or seen a production on line or your TV you may have been amazed at the way scenes can change soundlessly before your very eyes with huge movements to bring a different view from room to room, inside to outside and from country to country as the production of the acts of an opera, show or play demand.

With today’s technological innovations, flat screen backcloths and real flowing waterfalls we are unlikely to return to the days of my youth when a simple revolving stage was considered magical!

Just think about that for a moment and take yourself back in time whether you were alive at that time or not and put yourself on that stage!

The revolving centre is divided into three, but the only one the audience ever sees is the one facing them now, because you are in fact the stage itself and the scene the rest of the world sees is the personality which you present to them. It only changes as you grow and change and therefore present a different and ever changing face to the world.

So, what of the other two sections of the revolving stage? You may be aware of them, but like your audience or the rest of the world you never see them either, but nevertheless they are an integral part of the entity you call by your given name, nick name or by what you do. Make no mistake, without the other two sections you would not exist!

Even in the analogy of the stage, when it revolves, each of the other two sections is blank to human eyes and are never revealed in this dimension although they can show themselves by manifesting in their own way other than their real Beingness for us to sense or feel in our physicality.

In fact the rest of your entity is not magical at all and the nearest we can come to a description, with our limited vocabulary, would be to call it mystical, since the two blank sections: one eternal and the other of semi or lifetime permanence although present within you would not exist without your physical body to host them.

Whatever play you are taking part in right now and whichever part you are playing is only for this performance and both the entity which you call by your name in this physical body and the semi permanent unseen section will not move on when the run of this play comes to an end.

However the cast may go on tour and it is only the eternal section which will take part in the tour selecting new lines for a new part and becoming part of a selected body and another semi permanent section which has to learn the new lines to complete another revolving stage.

In this respect it is not only the stage which revolves but the whole cast moves on and may return with the same members of the troupe or indeed join other members in a new production and so there could be a much bigger revolution which we can call a new play produced in another country.

Let’s call the permanent or eternal part of you the Soul which returns again and again until it has had enough experience to move on in the game to becoming say a manager of sorts or even a trainer or guide to others on the performance path.

Your physical body only lasts for the one play and then is heard no more. The semi permanent sector we can call the consciousness, mind or Spirit which should also only last for the one performance, but there are occasions when a strong mind wishes to complete unfinished business from the first performance and can take the part of actor manager and create its own performance in many ways, but they are other stories to tell, plays to perform!

Needless to say the connotation of the tour of the eternal part of you involves an acceptance of the fact of a return to a different life following this one, or of reincarnation.

Of course the revolution of the troupe could involve a return to the same theatre of performance on a revisit, but in a different setting by a different author with a different script to gain more experience in say, a change of relationship.

Not that the personality of you will be aware of more performances, but it is important in any play to become aware of the eternal sector in order to get the most out of your performance. Becoming aware of the eternal is exactly that, since each of us has a part of the complete eternal within us and to become aware of the part means becoming aware of the whole which is the only true path to Ascension. With love, Hanukah & the Angel


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