To be brutally honest and it may seem to some
To be selfish in the same breath, and yet
To be or not to be is the question.
Do you not want to be what you want to be
And not what someone else wants you to be?

So, is it selfish to go for it, like no tomorrow?
Where else does happiness lie, eh?
So what if someone doesn’t like what you do?
Or say or think for that matter?
There’s not much they can do about the latter!

It is true that you can be gagged or killed,
But your idea could live on for generations.
We are now in the realm or realms of the mind.
This is where creation takes place
This is where you decide on your future.

In the present moment in that elusive Now!
How often have you skipped that moment?
It is said that this is where and when the Divine exists
But then so do you, don’t you?
So worried about the past and future are you?

I believe that Whatever flew across the pond
From our cousins and although it annoys many
I happen to love it because it leads us on
To that Now moment when we decide
What we want and we can be happy!

Deciding on what we want and never mind
What others say or think or do.
The moment of choice – be as selfish as you like!
This is when we reach a new level
A new level of consciousness, called Happiness.
© David Tenneson 2016.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to WHATEVER

  1. This is commendable and commentable.
    Looking for parse or being yourself honest what you see is the actual person.
    With out the paint and camouflage of status symbols, those fashion flavours of the month.
    Following the flavour of the month is to be a sheep it is not living in the now.
    Being only as selfish as we like looking after number one.
    We will be able to help others and not become a liability to them.
    That is how I interpreted ‘Whatever.’
    So whatever you do, do not go with the flow of sheep.
    Wu-we go with the flow of nature.
    Thanks Dave. _/\_


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