Many of us have been schooled into believing that there is one Straight and Narrow path to the Source, God, Allah or the Logos, the Divine by any name you or your faith may choose.

Which is a bit like saying that the only diet for you to gain or to lose weight is this one and it’s right for everyone. Wrong! As we have said before it might be just right for the writer and maybe a few others but certainly not for everyone.

In short only you will know what is right for you, which foods suit your body, which foods allow you to approach your desired size and weight, bearing in mind the treats. Don’t forget the treats which under the Divine Directive must be included since your primary goal is to search for happiness. No diet or food program should be so restrictive as to deny your happiness.

So the Straight and Narrow, or the Middle Pillar, stands no chance because its very title, throughout history, invokes feelings of pain and suffering and going without that which you love, thus going against the desirable Divine Directive. And let’s face it trying to keep to a Straight and Narrow path which can change daily is dead difficult. Just try walking along a beam in the gym with no training or practice! It is so easy to fall off and guess who’s told is to blame? Yes, that’s right: YOU! So easy to lose your balance. Right?

Did I say the path can change daily? Well sure it can, because you change daily, don’t you? Of course you do and that’s what the Ascension process is all about, changing yourself to think, create and live a more spiritual life and if that doesn’t involve change I don’t know what does!

You see, there can never be one path that leads to the Divine and if you consider, either of your own volition or from the comments of others, that you are on the wrong path, think again my friends. To get onto the right path is as easy as falling off a log or that beam in the gym, because you can make sure you are on the right path for you, by a simple change of attitude and a change of mind.

It is said that if you want to change the world then you have no chance unless you begin with yourself for it is you that has to change first. What is lacking throughout mankind is the simple respect of one for another and respect for the paths that others have chosen.

This will no doubt come into sharp focus when we begin to welcome those who have fled war and persecution. Rest assured that they may not, and in all probability will not, subscribe to the same path or faith as you.
Will you be able to respect their choice?

This is the very chance, foreseen by the Soul, knowing that you would be placed in this predicament to face the challenge which some call a Soul Set-up. Will you be able to welcome them to share a meal at your table knowing that you only go to church on a Sunday and they turn to face the East and pray five times a day?

When they welcome you to their home will you be able to respect and adhere to the practice of men sitting to pee and wipe themselves so as not to soil the seat with a single drip if a lady should follow you to the toilet?

Will you wash your hands and be seen to do so before you sit at their table to share in their generosity of what little they have to live on, having lost everything and relying on the generosity, charity and compassion of others, at least to begin with.

So once on the path, how or why should it change daily? Simply, as I say, because you do! You change your mind daily and if you say: ‘never, not me’ then you cannot be learning much or perhaps you think that to change your mind is not to adhere to your principles, your way of living your life, which I have to ask: have you never questioned? Or never tried to find out what makes you tick?

Knowing me, knowing you is all about knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your attitudes, beliefs and feelings. The last two may not be yours at all, but some things which you have gathered on a pathway that was not yours either.

Any Straight and Narrow pathway must be of your own making not enforced or brainwashed onto you by others and only you, after fully appreciating exactly who you are, can appreciate and decide what that pathway is.

Ask yourself: What is my pathway? How do I fit in with others?
Do I have the right attitude of empathy, compassion and forgiveness towards others, whatever their faith, colour or ethnicity?
How do I treat the Earth itself, do I try to preserve and save the valuable resources of the Planet? In short who am I in my relationship with God, the Logos?
Choose your own Straight & Narrow Path of respect for all sentient beings and the Earth itself, together with Hanukah & the Angel.


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2 Responses to STRAIGHT & NARROW

  1. Well put Dave The Golden Rule is taught in most religions, philosophise and even dogmas accept it. If only it was universally accepted, with out all the superficial nonsense.
    This post is the Ethos and Logos of reason the metaphors are good and best of all it gets one questioning their own ideas, honesty and compassion. May the force be with you or whatever. _/\_


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