How many times have you asked yourself that,
What next will this life find to throw at me?
Have you thrown in the towel or your hat,
Or did you change vinegar for honey?

Is that your easy way out my dear friend?
If you miss the challenge, what did you learn?
Missing the moment, afraid of the end,
Losing the chance for accolades to earn!

Those who get most from a life full of pain
Are the ones who face up to life’s hard game.
They prove they are up to the chance to gain
It’s not about greed, but one other name.

It’s just finding what you are all about
Changing the inner to become aware,
Seeing with vision what needs throwing out
Finding what’s inside to change what’s out there.

What are you carrying that is not yours?
With a lighter load life is not so hard,
Things are achieved in minutes not hours
What’s next’s easy as you play your ace card.

The other name is Share: watch it come back,
What you send out returns to you tenfold!
With no effort take care: give white or black.
Ascension is for all both young and old.
© David Tenneson 2016.


About David

Devonian writer
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3 Responses to WHAT NEXT

  1. Loved the post David and shared on my blog too 🙂 Namaste my friend


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