Many of us have a vision of a world of oneness where we are together in peace instead of one fractured by war into ghettos within ghettos in foreign lands, some of our choosing although at the same time not being at home and feeling the inner ache of home sickness for the land of their birth where they still would want to be if it were not for the greed and megalomania of those in power not willing to share it, only wanting to grab all they can for themselves and in the process demolishing the land and the people themselves so many love. So much love?
So much for love!

In the process they have driven away those whom they did not kill immediately and erroneously believed they were helping, but who they were eventually killing and driving from their once beautiful homes, reduced to rubble by their own forces, to other lands on dangerous journeys at great risk in order to save themselves and their loved ones from certain death.

Will they be able to settle in the countries whose streets they were convinced would give them safe haven and the possibility to work and provide for their families once again? Only time will tell. Only the empathy and compassion of their new homeland will aid that wish for a oneness with others they had never met before nor spoken the same language.

In the process of fleeing from their old homes many have come across barriers. Countries through which they passed, but did not want to stay, which became frightened by the sheer number of refugees and migrants and began to put up barrier, fences and razor wire coils to cause damage and possibly death to those daring to try and cross on their way to a promised land. Little did they realise that even in those promised countries getting across physical fences is one thing but the human barriers of resistance, racism and religious bigotry are quite another thing to cope with.

The biggest barrier erected centuries ago is visible from space dividing China from its perceived enemies with the Great Wall. Today what was supposed to be a European Union of democratic countries is fast becoming fragmented once again as fear drives governments to create new enclaves to protect themselves from invasion of a different kind, peaceful, disenchanted and lost, not knowing where they are, but like so many throughout history before them, hoping to reach that promised land.

Why now? Has the moment arrived for mankind to face its biggest challenge to prove how it can cope? It is said we are never given anything which we cannot cope with, but this is taxing the greatest minds of our generation and stretching the budgets of all of the European nations trying to find ways to conquer this challenge only just recovering, some barely, from the economic crisis of 2008. And of course it seems that those worst hit like Greece, are having to cope with the primary influx of desperate migrants and refugees from wars and persecution.

It says that Sod’s Law works in threes, so what next for Greece which welcomed all and had no barriers, and after austerity brought on by the financial crisis and now the crisis of refugees to which we see no end, what can they hope to expect next to complete their trinity of traumas? Will their own people revolt?

It would appear that the refusal or inability to communicate at the risk of losing something which the participants of any conversation desperately want to hang on to is the sticking point, which prevents interested parties of maybe different points of view but of the same nationality from sitting down and democratically discussing the right course of government to help all and not just the few or the one or ones who will not let go.

When looking at the origins of barriers there is usually one or a group of ones who will not relinquish power at any cost and the last resort of those who would willingly sit round a table to discus sharing is to throw rocks and then rockets instead until hopefully someone begins to listen.

In the meantime fear drives the erection of 5 metre high concrete walls and razor wire fences to keep the two parties who had lived side by side for generations apart and because one becomes more powerful than the other they assume control and take all they want from the weaker party.

When did the talking become silent? Kind words fail in the fog of fear?
How did compassion disappear from the dictionary?
Where did the recognition of human brother and sisterhood get lost?
Did someone say that we were all one and that our goal was human Oneness?
Did we lose our way in the maze of barriers which we have set up for ourselves?

I believe that we are already One and instead of looking for our differences we should concentrate on the points of similarity which prove that we are One and that if only we could bring the left and the right together, much as we would when considering the opposites which exist within ourselves, we know that when the pendulum is stationary in the centre the energy travels up which is the first stage of controlled enlightenment. Thus removing all of our internal differences, opposites and barriers, just as we need to do in the outer world!

You see, this is how it works, this is the only way that it can work, as we say, from inner to outer, with Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


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Devonian writer
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One Response to BARRIERS to ONENESS

  1. Agreed David.. we are one..


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