The shroud descends for others to mourn
Nightmares wake us in the early morn
What can ail the multicoloured cock?
Whose crow calls before four of the clock.

Another misty morn to start the day
Floating in the cloud we start to pray
Just the usual, ‘thank you Lord God’
Others pray at night, but nothing odd.

Perhaps reflection was mistaken
For the normal rising sun be taken
What else could urge that noisy old bird
To raise its voice as if we’ve not heard?

Another day of much mystery
When will it happen impatiently
We question, but living the moment
We should know is the now of intent.

Trying to bring future into the now
To make now that does not exist. How?
This really reeks of unhappiness
So look for the aspect of happiness.

What makes you happy is all you need
Especially if you want to succeed
There’s no better journey to success
Than to be one and banish your distress.

One with all who want a better world
Ancient contracts with nature unfurled
Realise our responsibility
Be aware of Soul’s mobility.

Mobility throughout era to era
What will you see when you return here. Eh?
What will you have left behind this time
Will it be a world enmeshed in crime?

When you wake in another time frame
In early morn will you be in pain
Will your grandsons wade in a poisoned earth
Or will you look back, to plenty or dearth?
© David Tenneson 2016.


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to EARLY MOURN

  1. That is the Question.. 🙂 I wake up and I am thankful for the painfree days knowing from the past the pain I awoke to.. As to the pains of the Earth.. I hope as I wake.. My Grandchild came with the be withall to cope.. with the poisons we pour forth for our tomorrows children..

    Great poem David.. thank you Enjoy your waking time.. Long may we Dream..
    Hugs Sue


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