We feel like the pioneers moving from East to West across the land in their covered wagons nicknamed ships of the prairie, except that we are here having travelled away for a thousand miles and now returned almost to the same spot where we know that we can settle and just explore the surroundings once again having changed in the twelve years we have been away.

It is one of the few areas, virtually untouched by the invading legions from Rome, but with a rich history of its own etched into the countryside with remains of all sorts to investigate.

If we were moving to India, the second country I fell in love with there would be no problem in feeling that we had been there before since reincarnation is an accepted occurrence in that part of the planet. As it is the feeling which we enjoy of having been here before might not be shared by others although we have a strong suspicion that those who feel the same way will become known to us in time.

So this New Land is in fact an Old Land in more ways than one for us having lived here before in this life and in other lives in the remote past which does in no way give us an advantage over others, but it just makes living that much more exciting when we tread a path where we have been before and feel the energies of those places and times.

Of course the next question has to be:
Are you sensitive to these energies in any way?
Do you get those weird feelings of déjà vu with that absolute certainty that you know what is round the next corner and that you have definitely been here before?

We are so used to rushing about feeling most of the time that we need to be doing something when in reality we need to take things slowly, take our time to smell the roses on the way and look inside to find out exactly how we feel with every step we take.

I guess the old chestnut of knowing yourself would be a great help in understanding your true feelings which automatically lead you to your true beliefs in any situation, in any place on Earth.

Of course the act of moving not just from one house to another, but from one country to another has been traumatic and they do say as draining as divorce, but I have to say that in our case it has been a journey of joy to the place where we just know that we are meant to be and has, if that were possible, brought us even closer together and not just in the exercise of downsizing from a mansion in Spain to a semi in England.

When the business of unpacking, decorating and settling in has been accomplished we will be able to spend more time investigating those places which we are naturally drawn to as the energies from the remote past make themselves more acute as we can spend more time soaking them up, so to speak.

So in fact this does become a New Land since we have been to many places in this life alone which we could claim to be a New Land and being of like mind, always a help, we can say everywhere we have been we could call home and we are home once again to the extent that it becomes euphoric and we understand more acutely the meaning of happiness being a distinct level of consciousness.

In this last respect where consciousness is synonymous with mind and Spirit we feel a new kind of happiness pervading this total entity in all its parts, crossing the dimensions and a happy Spirit infers a happy body. This is seen as a distinct change from the last days, weeks and months spent in our last home where there was a chronic feeling of un-happiness at all levels wanting to reach the place where we are now.

What a wonderful piece of synchronicity that the word heaven rhymes so well with Devon where we feel truly at home, having had the first visit of family to celebrate a birthday!

With Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. So pleased you have both found your seventh heaven in Devon David.. 🙂 and soon Summer will be here and you should then have downed your paint brushes and be ready to explore anew all that has evolved since you went away..
    Enjoy your time of exploration
    Blessings Sue


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